Barnes & Noble University

I’m signing up for some more classes at Barnes & Noble University The Human Brain, the Making of Modern China, Travel to NYC, Understanding Human Sexuallity, & Western Heritage. It’s cool. I’m not buying the texts for the course, but I am taking courses for free.

Joey’s webpage

According to the FTP, Joey’s webpage is about 75% up. It’s been uploading since 11:00 am


I just realized that the stereo was on. I don’t listen to music much. Sean Patrick must have turned it on.

Soul Quiz

I’m completely down-to-earth! Find your soul type at You are the most in touch with knowledge. It’s the tree of life from which you tap the sap. You know what you want and you know how to reasonably get it. Virtues: You respect people with plans. When someone has their head on their shoulders,… Continue reading Soul Quiz

Neverending story character quiz

Who says I have no friends? Me evil? My mother would thing differently. Shh… don’t tell her about that… Or that… Or that….. What Never Ending Story character are you?Yeah, Ceni did this.


Okay, this is a question to anyone that has a Palm or Windows CE that reads this. What are their favorite AvantGo channels? I have Maxim Online, Mapquest, Pocket LJ, & Yahoo!

cell phone

I just got a new cell phone today. Motorola V60t. It is cool. It’s a little silver flip phone. It does wireless internet too which I’ll love.


Went to fighter practice today. I did not fight because I work 7P-7A. I spent the time playing Lumos with Nickey. Then me & Sean Patrick went by Wendy’s to get me a burger before work. So I am here now. The nurses are getting report. I think I really love the palm client. It… Continue reading 3216


I just downloaded the palm version of the software. It is so cool!