Which Woman of Beauty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.


I have done several assessments tonight. Wrote in Joey’s book. And Sean Patrick is picking me up from work in the morning.


I’m sitting in Lawrenceburg at my parent’s house. Hopefully we’ll go see Joey today. I just woke up.

old stuff

I have been cleaning out some of my webpage. Here is what I have wanted to keep, but had nowhere else for it. It is about 5 year old stuff now.


Ok. I’m sitting at the computer when I should be writing in my book to Joey. Joey is my 6 week old nephew that I’m writing letters to give to him when he grows up. I did steal the idea from Lethann, but I don’t think she minds. I need to remind myself to download… Continue reading 599

setting up

I am setting up my journal. We’ll see how I like this! You are the good ol’ thumb! You are the family one, the one who not necessarily everyone loves but the one who everyone can’t live without. Always willing to lend a hand or comfort a friend when they need it. Which finger are… Continue reading setting up