Daily Journal: Watched a movie

So.. 4 times last week and twice so far this week. Tempest Keep hasn’t dropped a single pet. Starting to doubt I’ll see one. Wowhead is having issues so I can’t check other’s drop rates. I need to start hunting for an Unborn Val’kyr I’ve got a spare Undead stone to upgrade it once I… Continue reading Daily Journal: Watched a movie

iPhone App: Angry Birds

Image via Wikipedia The birds are angry. The pigs have stolen their eggs. So they have declared war! This is a catapult game. You blast the birds at the pigs. Some birds have special abilities to get the pigs out of their fortifications. I get frustrated with it because I get stuck on levels. The learning curve needs not to be so steep… Continue reading iPhone App: Angry Birds

Products I can’t live without

Image via CrunchBase Every year Michael Arrington at TechCrunch does an article on Products he can’t live without.  So I made my own list. They are in random order. 1. iPhone This was the game changer in the cell phone market in 2007. In 2008 with the opening of the App Store & 3G it… Continue reading Products I can’t live without

[Review] iPhone app: Dashbuster

Cost: Free App Store link: [1] Cost: $3.99 App Store link [2] Dashbuster is a little app that you can see which films you have rented form Netflix or Blockbuster online and what remains in your queue. You can also search for films. The premium version allows you to add videos to your queue from… Continue reading [Review] iPhone app: Dashbuster

eReader.com: Get 3 Complimentary Harlequin Romance eBooks

eReader.com: Get 3 Complimentary Harlequin Romance eBooks Originally uploaded by Tatiana Mik If you read Harlequin Romance books you might try this. They have ebook reader clients for iPhone, Windows, Mac, Palm, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and much more. 3 free books until 9/12/08. You just have to sign up for a newsletter via email… Continue reading eReader.com: Get 3 Complimentary Harlequin Romance eBooks

[Review] iPhone apps: Last.FM

Website: http://www.last.fm iPhone site: N/A App Store link: [1] Cost: Free Uses: 3G Network This is an internet radio app similar to Pandora [2], but with a few different approaches. It accesses your Last.FM profile [tatianamik]. You can pick radio stations based on your library, your friend’s listens, or recommendations for you. It also keeps… Continue reading [Review] iPhone apps: Last.FM

[Review] iPhone apps: MySpace

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown Website: http://www.myspace.com iPhone site: m.myspace.com App Store link: [1] Cost: Free Uses: Data Network Honestly, I usually don’t care too much for Myspace. The glitter graphics and everything. It’s the 2000’s version of the late ’90’s Geocities. Yes, I’m showing my age here. I use Myspace because I have cousins… Continue reading [Review] iPhone apps: MySpace