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Daily Journal: Watched a movie

Byword (iPad)
Byword (iPad) (Photo credit: Frank Hamm)

So.. 4 times last week and twice so far this week. Tempest Keep hasn’t dropped a single pet. Starting to doubt I’ll see one. Wowhead is having issues so I can’t check other’s drop rates. I need to start hunting for an Unborn Val’kyr I’ve got a spare Undead stone to upgrade it once I catch one so it can even be poor and I’d take it. I just have to find the blasted thing.

Been trying to get Byword to publish to my blog. I’ve purchased the Premium edition, set up Evernote & WordPress, but it still fails at publishing. I’ve emailed support. I’ve tried re setting up the blog/evernote accounts to no avail. Oh well, we’ll see.

Went to see Star Trek Into Darkness. Loved it. Didn’t love the migraine & nausea after though. Had to drug myself to get rid of it. Which has made me very sleepy today.

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iPhone App: Angry Birds

Two Pot-bellied pigs (Sus domesticus) resting ...
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The birds are angry. The pigs have stolen their eggs. So they have declared war! This is a catapult game. You blast the birds at the pigs. Some birds have special abilities to get the pigs out of their fortifications. I get frustrated with it because I get stuck on levels. The learning curve needs not to be so steep .

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Products I can’t live without

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Image via CrunchBase

Every year Michael Arrington at TechCrunch does an article on Products he can’t live without.  So I made my own list. They are in random order.

1. iPhone
This was the game changer in the cell phone market in 2007. In 2008 with the opening of the App Store & 3G it took off even more.

2. Instapaper
Read Later. Never has there been better words when you are in a hurry. For those times that you don’t want a full bookmark, but you’d like to read it in detail later.

3. Evernote
Remember Everything. Notebook service. Much more useful than Google Notebook’s abandoned development. Offline/Sync-able clients are available for Mac, Window, iPhone & Windows Mobile. Will also store PDFs. More files types available if you pay for Premium membership.

4. WordPress
Wordpress runs my blogs. Nuff said. Can’t publish without it.

5. Delicious
Bookmarking service. Social bookmarks. Thanks to the Delicious extension for Firefox I use instead of the local bookmarks. That way if I go to someone else’s computer I can still access all my bookmarks.

6. Facebook
Thanks to Facebook I’ve caught up with a lot of people I had lost touch with. I just out of the blue received a friend request from a guy I was friends with in high school. I hadn’t seen him since high school. Now if I can just get all my cousins on facebook instead of myspace…..

7. Gmail
Email. I can’t live without email. I don’t always use the web interface, but I get it in Apple Mail and in iPhone Mail as well as the web interface. I use the IMAP to keep it all in sync.

8. Google Reader
My RSS reader of choice at the moment. I’ve strayed, but as they keep updating it I keep coming back.

9. Pandora
Internet radio. I’ve used it more on my iPhone than online, but I have discovered a few songs I like through it.

10. TripIt
I kept up with my work schedule and hotel bookings when I worked out of town.

11. Remember the Milk
There is a reason I pay for the premium service. There is an iPhone client for premium members. It will send me SMS texts & twitter reminders.

12. Twitter
I use twitter as an asynchronous group chat. Now that most of my RL friends use it we bounce messages back and forth. Arrange going out to eat.  And it sends their updates straight to my mobile.

1. I Want Sandy
I miss Sandy so much. Email her something to remind you in plain english. And it would translate it into a to do, appointment or a contact. I was upset when it shut down.

So what do you use????????????

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[Review] iPhone app: LOLCats

photo.jpgApp Store link: [1]
Cost: Free

I must confess I’m addicted to I Can Haz Cheeseburger. This lets you access Zoomr or the Flickr Can Has Cheeseburger group to see the kittehs. You can thumb through them. The downside? You get whatever photos get added to the public group. I saw a guitar once. No animal, no caption, just the fretboard of the guitar. And occasionally you’ll run across a LOLpolitician.

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