Alt Appreciation #MonkWeek

The new kid on the Alt block., she’s still leveling, but she’s in her 80’s. Shu is Mandarin for Book (at least according to the online translator). So she’s sort of Book Book. I really like the class design philosophy. It’s like Rogue 2.0.


Daily Journal: Working on Hearthstone book edits

Saw the new Thor movie today. I saw the Dark Elves in Greenwich and my thought was CYBERMEN!

Got beta reader comments back on the Hearthstone book. I’m working on polishing up a few things. The thing is the game is still in Beta testing so things will change. And one of the people I had beta reading the book hasn’t played the game. So hopefully it made sense.


Daily Journal: NaBloPoMo vs NaNoWriMo, aka you may be seeing more cat photos

I’ve tried NaNoWriMo last year. I only get about 1 or 2 days into it before it falls apart completely. So I’m going to try NaBloPoMo this year instead. What is NaNoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month. I so suck at writing fiction. Even when I was trying just to write a daily short story. NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month. This I might can do with the help of a few things:

  • scheduling posts. I can write when I have time and schedule it to post later.
  • cat photos. Hey isn’t the internet made up of cat photos? Well there will be more. Courtesy of the 2 below. Hudson the grey one and McDonald the black & white one. Today they are nonplussed.
  • rambling about World of Warcraft and what I’m currently doing in game.

Now I do have a few things that will hamper this.

  1. My depression is back and I just realized this this past weekend. So I’ve got to find a therapist soon. Yes, I’m waiting 2 weeks because of #2.
  2. My current work contract ends on the 8th of this month. I start a new contract on the 11th. The wait is due to I’m moving 2.5 hours away on the 10th.

So cheer me on even if it is a bunch of drivel.

Book Review: Merry Ex-mas by Shelia Roberts

Merry Ex-MasMerry Ex-Mas by Sheila Roberts
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A romance category novel about ex-husbands. Interesting. Sheila Roberts also never concentrates only on one couple. I still don’t know why I’m still reading this series. It’s good to see some continuity of characters however. Overall this on my favorite in the series to date. Disclaimer: I received Better Than Chocolate from the Tell Harlequin reader panel.

Ellla O’Brien is sharing the house with her newly ex-husband while trying to sell it. Cass Wilkes, owner of the bakery, is dealing with her daughters last minute wedding and her ex-husband. Charlene Albach, owner of Zelda’s restaurant, is dealing with her ex-husband who has returned without the hostess he ran away with and swears he wants her back.One couple gets back together, another makes peace with their lots and yet another sees her ex for the snake he really is.

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From Feedly: The Mother Should Be Booked

(Library | Edmonton, AB, Canada)Library | Edmonton, AB, Canada

Library | Edmonton, AB, Canada(I am in high school, and earn money by paging in a library in a low-income area. Pages do the ‘grunt work’ of a library—mostly putting away books and cleaning up after people. I spend a lot of time in the children’s section, and talk a lot with the kids.) Seven-Year-Old […]


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Robins Heath Learning Cetnre, MacEwan College,...

Robins Heath Learning Cetnre, MacEwan College, Edmonton, AB, Canada. Winter 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is sad😦


Saturday night is alright for fighting

Screenshot_4_28_13_9_42_AM Saturday night is my Skype night with my RL friends now that we are scattered more across the US. We frequently do things in WoW as well. I was in a leveling mood so I suggested brand new alts on a new server. My friend Ashnew stated she’d never picked Horde side on a Panda to see how the joining that faction story went. So we went over to Trollbane to roll level 1 panda. I had a cute little hunter. Ashnew decided she’d try a mage (yes the warrior was going to try to pew, pew). Bluemoon made a monk (on ER she has one in her upper 80’s). We got through the Wandering Isle and introduced ourselves to Garrosh. The words from Ashnew was “he’s a dick.” I totally agree. Anyway it was fun hanging out with them.

Book Review: Better than Chocolate by Shelia Roberts

Better Than ChocolateBetter Than Chocolate by Sheila Roberts

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I received this book as part of the Tell Harlequin reader panel.

Overall a cute book. Very focused on Samantha and her problems with starting a chocolate festival to save her struggling chocolate business. Almost to the exclusion of other things, including the romance in the book. Early in the book she shows dreams of Samantha and her mother. This seems just to be word filler and added nothing significant to the story. In the end the relationship of Samantha & Blake seems rushed and insignificant. I found myself bored with their relationship. I’m more interested in the story of her sister Cicily and Todd Black and I’m awaiting her story. Though after reading Shelia Roberts‘s What She Wants (after reading this one) I am dreading that I will be disappointed.

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As most of you have heard, we’re hosting a Harlequin Blaze writing challenge to look for some fabulous new talent. The deadline for submitting your manuscript is just around the corner.

via How to Become a Harlequin Writer | Harlequin Blog.

Interesting that Harlequin is looking for new authors.


Harlequin looki…