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My experience with Wildstar Beta Sunday, May 11,2014

One of the coolest things about this game is water currents actually move you downstream if you are crossing a river or stream.

There’s several errors I found while playing around today.

  • when leveling in  open world with friends the Need/Greed roll.
  • Chef Cecila for Dominion faction cooking is missing
  • errors when in a group with quest completion sharing
  • the latency in Illium was horrid
  • on an Engineer the aggro radius was HUGE, stuff was coming out of nowhere to attack my Engineer
  • my Engineer’s bruiserbot would randomly go missing & all I would get is a “Not within line of sight error
  • Loot vacuum alert is stuck on all the time.
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Wildstar Beta & Heroes of the Storm Alpha

I’ve been working on 2 games today… Wildstar Beta is going along. My Chua is level 10 and my Exile Human settler is level 12 I think.

Screenshot 2014-05-10 21.49.39

I also logged into Heroes of the Storm Alpha and finished the tutorial to show the game to a friend. It’s not my style of game. I can just see people not getting along and I get very nervous about playing with others. I got several photos to share later just from poking around in Heroes of the sTorm.


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Daily Journal: Working on Hearthstone book edits

Saw the new Thor movie today. I saw the Dark Elves in Greenwich and my thought was CYBERMEN!

Got beta reader comments back on the Hearthstone book. I’m working on polishing up a few things. The thing is the game is still in Beta testing so things will change. And one of the people I had beta reading the book hasn’t played the game. So hopefully it made sense.