Working on the Blog Again

With battling depression and more and a busy life, I’m going to attempt to get this back under way. I went through and cleaned out a bunch of stuff on my reader list so if I deleted you I’m sorry, but I needed to create manageability. I’m just one person and this is not a full-time job. This is just me rambling about whatever catches my eye.

I’m job searching. Trying to move toward the education or documentation sectors.

I first cranked up Day One 2. Which I thought had Publish… Turns out that it is present in Classic but not 2. The website says it will be added to 2, but hasn’t yet. 😦 But has an app that works on Mac.

I’m re-reading Prudence since the next book Imprudence is being released on July 19th.

If you want to play the games with me just add me as a Facebook acquaintance.

Phone Games I’m Playing:
Disney Magic Kingdoms
Covet Fashion

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Alt Appreciation #MonkWeek

The new kid on the Alt block., she’s still leveling, but she’s in her 80’s. Shu is Mandarin for Book (at least according to the online translator). So she’s sort of Book Book. I really like the class design philosophy. It’s like Rogue 2.0.


Daily Journal: I need to gem and enchant

Well Book got her gloves out of normal last night when we got Gen. Nazgrim. Now I’ve got to gem and enchant those. That gets rid of the last of her LFR tier pieces. The helm is still Flex. But hey, guild got 3 new bosses last night on normal on one night. Malkorok on normal is a doozy. Considering we’ve had difficulty getting 25 people together doing it twice in the same week is awesome. So is getting 6 new bosses down in that same week.

I think I have Holybook’s healing set gemmed & enchanted, but I’ll have to check. I know Shepardbook isn’t gemmed, but I enchanted her on Sunday in the middle of the Flex raid I was conned into.

Got a bit of the Pet Battle book written and typed up.

Yesterday I felt accomplished just mailing out the maple syrup I’ve been sitting on for a month and the old iPad (it should arrive Thursday).

Daily Journal: I’m seeing progress

I’m DONE!!!! Hearthstone book is off to the beta readers. The World of Warcraft iBook is available in the iBook’s store. It needs edits! Then I have to decide which book I’m working on next. Pet battles? Classes? Gold making? Help me pick with this survey. Please. Pretty please!

Had a down moment when thinking about work changed it so I’m now working Christmas day. 😦 Oh well. More time to write that night. I’m jsut trying to keep myself up. Somedays it’s rougher than others.

Main main, 2nd main, vs alts.


I enjoy having multiple characters to play. I tend to have my main main which is my rogue (1st character I ever created) and that doesn’t change. My 2nd main has changed every expansion. I tend to have an alt that I work on to the point that it is almost as geared as my main. She’s the one I turn to when I’ve “finished” with what Book can do for the week. Also I enjoy being able to fill a different role such as healer or tank if needed. Many people know they can whisper me & I will have a decently geared alt I can bring to a run.

In Wrath it was my DK. She was the easiest to level. Ulduar was out before my main hit 80. Yes, I was a Wrath Baby. I used to sub in my DK for the ICC bosses that I needed nothing for my rogue on in the guild that I was in. My warlock also got to level 80 & saw some action in ICC, but it was usually my DK I turned to first if I couldn’t take my main. Actually the funny thing was my DK ended up getting Kingslayer because my rogue was locked to another 25 man instance. My rogue never got Kingslayer until she was 85. Also my DK ended up with the shirt from Precious. Normally, I just rolled greed if any main wanted anything because she was an alt, she just took the leftovers. But there was this one rogue in my guild I didn’t like. He came back near the end of the expansion and wanted to main a rogue instead of leveling his level 70 warlock. So the guild leaders (friends of his) power leveled & power geared him by running older stuff. Yes, I was jealous I had to suffer through pick up groups and work and get geared up by myself and earn my raid spot (some begging may have also been involved) and it seemed to me he just waltzed in and was grabbing up all my gear. Also didn’t help that the other 2 active rogues in my guild didn’t care for him either. Anyway, back to Precious’s shirt. When it dropped I was on my DK and I saw Disliked Rogue rolling need on it I didn’t want him to have it. So I rolled need and won! She’s been wearing that shirt ever since.
Cataclysm saw my second main being my Druid. I had changed guilds. In my new guild I was running in the “alt” run with my rogue. But this left me Monday thru Thursday with nothing to do. So I sort of started running Firelands with my previous guild. The guild leader liked the buffs the Moonkin brought so I found it easier to gear her than my DK or warlock (warlock then was mediocre dps . When my main got asked to apply for the main run which was the same days as the guild I was running with druid, I presented the alts I had available for the alt run and my druid was chosen to replace my rogue in the alt run. So needless to say she was my second alt through most of Cataclysm. She did quite a lot in Cata as she was almost fully heroic geared by the end of Cata and had downed everything on heroic except Spine & Madness of Deathwing.
For Mists of Pandaria, I changed guilds about halfway through the expansion with my main.  I again let my alt run leader pick (different leader). I had my druid, paladin, and priest within about a 2-3 item level range. And since we didn’t have any plate she picked my Holy Paladin. Also it allowed her some versatility as she is a primarily a healer and secondarily a tank so one of those 2 hard to fill roles get covered.
So the DK is now an alt, the druid is now an alt. Along with the warlock (who has been stuck as an alt despite being my 3rd at max level).

Book Review: Merry Ex-mas by Shelia Roberts

Merry Ex-MasMerry Ex-Mas by Sheila Roberts
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A romance category novel about ex-husbands. Interesting. Sheila Roberts also never concentrates only on one couple. I still don’t know why I’m still reading this series. It’s good to see some continuity of characters however. Overall this on my favorite in the series to date. Disclaimer: I received Better Than Chocolate from the Tell Harlequin reader panel.

Ellla O’Brien is sharing the house with her newly ex-husband while trying to sell it. Cass Wilkes, owner of the bakery, is dealing with her daughters last minute wedding and her ex-husband. Charlene Albach, owner of Zelda’s restaurant, is dealing with her ex-husband who has returned without the hostess he ran away with and swears he wants her back.One couple gets back together, another makes peace with their lots and yet another sees her ex for the snake he really is.

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Daily Journal:

Still no Porcuette or Darkmoon Eye from the bags today. Did 2nd, 3rd, & 4th LFR for Book plus did the battleground Barrens quest line (hey 200 VP). Bunch of Scenarios & the back 3 LFRs. Got another Mini Mindslayer so it will be on the Earthen Ring Alliance auction House soon. No luck in Karazan. Book got Wizard of Oz. Serpentshrine Caverns got her a Tideskipper. No luck in Tempest Keep either.


Daily Journal: I have 4 character to level through Panderia

2013 04 05 06 29 46
Shammybook… Now at level 85

 I had to wake up early today they replaced the sliding glass door which had cracked in the heat. Did the DQ thing for food then ran out to Walgreens for my prescription.

Came back and did Pinnacle of Storms LFR on Naturebook. Got a primal egg so I’m hoping for a mount I haven’t gotten yet. Did a heroic scenario.

Took Holybook with  Ashnew and did the 2 older LFR wings to see if we could get her a new 2 handed weapon. No luck with weapons, but we did get enough other gear for her that we were able to try Last Stand of the Zandalari. Lucky girl got 3 pieces of 502 loot.

Worked on Raiding with Leashes. Managed to get the pet off Gluth in Naxx last night with Book. Got the pet off Razorgore in Blackwing Lair tonight with Holybook (thanks to Takumi & Sombra helping me). And the pet off Prophet Skerem with Holybook. I didn’t have the weapon enchanted to do Vicidious and I didn’t have the dps on Holy (she’s Holy/Prot) to pull off the Twin Emperors.

Managed to get Shammybook up to level 85 & into Panderia. That’s got Bookocurses, Badbook, Hunterbook & Shammybook all that need to be leveled through Pandaland.