Daily Journal: I’m seeing progress

I’m DONE!!!! Hearthstone book is off to the beta readers. The World of Warcraft iBook is available in the iBook’s store. It needs edits! Then I have to decide which book I’m working on next. Pet battles? Classes? Gold making? Help me pick with this survey. Please. Pretty please!


Had a down moment when thinking about work changed it so I’m now working Christmas day. 😦 Oh well. More time to write that night. I’m jsut trying to keep myself up. Somedays it’s rougher than others.

From Feedly: The Mother Should Be Booked

(Library | Edmonton, AB, Canada)Library | Edmonton, AB, Canada

Library | Edmonton, AB, Canada(I am in high school, and earn money by paging in a library in a low-income area. Pages do the ‘grunt work’ of a library—mostly putting away books and cleaning up after people. I spend a lot of time in the children’s section, and talk a lot with the kids.) Seven-Year-Old […]


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Robins Heath Learning Cetnre, MacEwan College,...
Robins Heath Learning Cetnre, MacEwan College, Edmonton, AB, Canada. Winter 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is sad 😦


Book Review: Better than Chocolate by Shelia Roberts

Better Than ChocolateBetter Than Chocolate by Sheila Roberts

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Disclaimer: I received this book as part of the Tell Harlequin reader panel.

Overall a cute book. Very focused on Samantha and her problems with starting a chocolate festival to save her struggling chocolate business. Almost to the exclusion of other things, including the romance in the book. Early in the book she shows dreams of Samantha and her mother. This seems just to be word filler and added nothing significant to the story. In the end the relationship of Samantha & Blake seems rushed and insignificant. I found myself bored with their relationship. I’m more interested in the story of her sister Cicily and Todd Black and I’m awaiting her story. Though after reading Shelia Roberts‘s What She Wants (after reading this one) I am dreading that I will be disappointed.

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Book’s Books

booksAs most of you know as an icebreaker question for most applicants I ask everyone to recommend me a book; I mean you almost got to expect this from someone named Book. 🙂 I got to poking through trying to find past recommendations where I’ve stored them in Evernote, on Post-it notes, in the margins of my gear lists for my alts, the sample books downloaded to my Kindle app, etc. Granted the Evernote & Kindle sample ones were easiest to find. So I tried to put together the list & thought I’d share. They are in no particular order.

  • Books of the Rhi Kirah by Carol Berg (Transformation, Revelation, & Restoration)
  • The Lost Symbols by Dan Brown
  • Angels & Demons
  • Go Ask Alice
  • Song of Fire & Ice
  • books by George RR Martin
  • Hunger Games
  • Son of Neptune
  • Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson
  • Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind
  • Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy
  • Kingkiller series by Rothfuss
  • RA Salvatore Drizzt chronicles
  • Christine Feehan’s “Dark” series
  • JD Robb’s “In Death” series
  • Captain Nemo  [sampled & didn’t get whole book]
  • Plato & a Platypus Walk into a Bar  [sampled & didn’t get whole book]
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series
  • Ultramarathon Man [sampled & didn’t get whole book]
  • Dresden Files series
  • Without Remorse by Tom Clancy
  • Terry brooks Sword of Shannara/ Elfstones of Shannara,ELF Queen of Shannara, Druid of Shannara, Scions of Shannara
  • Atlas ShruggedMe Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

My goal is to read at least 60 books this year. I am currently at 14 which has me currently ahead of my target goal schedule. I’m also trying to slowly work on a list of Top 100 books. Some I’ve read over the course of literature courses in high school & college; Some I’m not too certain I’ll find translated into English.

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