Journal: Moving again

Don’t you just hate moving? I do too, but I do it approximately every 3 months. Because it comes with my job as a travel nurse. 1. I have too many clothes. I have 1 large storage container of scrubs. Another of just undergarments. Another of casual clothing. 2. I have 2 laptops. Yes, I… Continue reading Journal: Moving again

iPhone App: Plants Vs. Zombies

Image by mahmut via Flickr One of the games I got addicted to is know as Plants Vs. Zombies. At the heart of it is a simple defense game of protecting 5 lanes of your garden, pool or roof from zombies getting through. You protect them with plants. Shooting plants, exploding plants, shield plants. Very… Continue reading iPhone App: Plants Vs. Zombies

I was born a traveling (wo)man

Traveling this year. I’ve already had 6 trips. Yes some of these were quick jaunts to my parents. One was a weekend trip to the Bahamas. A few were with S in Memphis. Last year 13 of my trips were work related (travel nurse) when I was booking a hotel every week. Hard to believe… Continue reading I was born a traveling (wo)man