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Alt Appreciation #DruidWeek

More making up for Alt Appreciation that I didn’t get to before.

Naturebook one of my level 90 crew. She was my primary alt for most of Cataclysm and my first alt leveled in Mists. Though she went mostly from Balance spec to Restoration spec. I haven’t cared that much for her since Throne of Thunder and I think I’ve retired her for this expac.

Shiftybook is my level 45 Feral/Guardian druid. My intent was to have 2 druids to cover all specs. Still working on leveling her. I just don’t enjoy kitty that much.

Onebook is my level 34 druid on Thorium Brotherhood and probably my highest level character on my “horde server.” Again he is feral/guardian. I tend to like the Tauren male models better.


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Alt Appreciation #WarlockWeek

Continuing with the Alt Appreciation run… This week it’s Warlocks. So to celebrate the purple, I only have one alt to show you.


Her original name was Booktoo. She was my third level 80. My third level 85. My fifth level 90. At level 85 I was a little tired of her having the name Booktoo and changed her name to Bookocurses.


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Rogue Week of Alt Appreciation

Ok so I just found the blog’s Alt Apprecation thread going on. I have a confession. Outside of Wow Insider I don’t follow a lot of the World of Warcraft bloggers. Not even rogue ones. And this one is Rogue week. Though I can’t profess Book as an alt. She’s a main. But she’s one of the Library (what I call my alts).


I actually do have a rogue alt. A level 18 rogue called…. Roguebook. She was created one day when I was bored. All I can say was… HOW DID I EVER LEVEL BOOK IN THE FIRST PLACE. I mean I know rogues. And this is AFTER the Cataclysm redesign of leveling. I was dying a lot until I got weapons upgrade and this was at level 5… I ended up springing for heirloom weapons on her because you level a rogue by killing things quicker than they kill you.


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Main main, 2nd main, vs alts.


I enjoy having multiple characters to play. I tend to have my main main which is my rogue (1st character I ever created) and that doesn’t change. My 2nd main has changed every expansion. I tend to have an alt that I work on to the point that it is almost as geared as my main. She’s the one I turn to when I’ve “finished” with what Book can do for the week. Also I enjoy being able to fill a different role such as healer or tank if needed. Many people know they can whisper me & I will have a decently geared alt I can bring to a run.

In Wrath it was my DK. She was the easiest to level. Ulduar was out before my main hit 80. Yes, I was a Wrath Baby. I used to sub in my DK for the ICC bosses that I needed nothing for my rogue on in the guild that I was in. My warlock also got to level 80 & saw some action in ICC, but it was usually my DK I turned to first if I couldn’t take my main. Actually the funny thing was my DK ended up getting Kingslayer because my rogue was locked to another 25 man instance. My rogue never got Kingslayer until she was 85. Also my DK ended up with the shirt from Precious. Normally, I just rolled greed if any main wanted anything because she was an alt, she just took the leftovers. But there was this one rogue in my guild I didn’t like. He came back near the end of the expansion and wanted to main a rogue instead of leveling his level 70 warlock. So the guild leaders (friends of his) power leveled & power geared him by running older stuff. Yes, I was jealous I had to suffer through pick up groups and work and get geared up by myself and earn my raid spot (some begging may have also been involved) and it seemed to me he just waltzed in and was grabbing up all my gear. Also didn’t help that the other 2 active rogues in my guild didn’t care for him either. Anyway, back to Precious’s shirt. When it dropped I was on my DK and I saw Disliked Rogue rolling need on it I didn’t want him to have it. So I rolled need and won! She’s been wearing that shirt ever since.
Cataclysm saw my second main being my Druid. I had changed guilds. In my new guild I was running in the “alt” run with my rogue. But this left me Monday thru Thursday with nothing to do. So I sort of started running Firelands with my previous guild. The guild leader liked the buffs the Moonkin brought so I found it easier to gear her than my DK or warlock (warlock then was mediocre dps . When my main got asked to apply for the main run which was the same days as the guild I was running with druid, I presented the alts I had available for the alt run and my druid was chosen to replace my rogue in the alt run. So needless to say she was my second alt through most of Cataclysm. She did quite a lot in Cata as she was almost fully heroic geared by the end of Cata and had downed everything on heroic except Spine & Madness of Deathwing.
For Mists of Pandaria, I changed guilds about halfway through the expansion with my main.  I again let my alt run leader pick (different leader). I had my druid, paladin, and priest within about a 2-3 item level range. And since we didn’t have any plate she picked my Holy Paladin. Also it allowed her some versatility as she is a primarily a healer and secondarily a tank so one of those 2 hard to fill roles get covered.
So the DK is now an alt, the druid is now an alt. Along with the warlock (who has been stuck as an alt despite being my 3rd at max level).

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Rogue’s Gallery Updated

I’m getting the urge to update about my World of Warcraft characters… Aka Book and the Library. I’ve done this quite a few times before.

First up is Book. You may notice if you go back through the old posts that she looks quite different now. She sort of got a big bonk on the head when she first arrived in Panderia and woke up looking like the locals. Since it helped her to blend in she left it be. Still specialized in Assassination with a minor in Combat.

Tatianaseray is now level 51. Fury & Prot. Still have a hard time leveling her though.

Bookocurses also looks a bit differently from my last post. She’s 86 now and a worgen. In Cataclysm all we needed was a worgen warlock to finish the guild achievement of all available races & classes at max level & honored with the guild. I had the level & rep so I paid for a race change. She’s going back Destro though with the changes to warlocks.

Bankbook resides at level 4 with major AH addons. 🙂

Booktrey now level 72. Hopefully before much longer I will have her leveled more. With the bonus XP from all her heirlooms. I’m leveling her as Prot same as Holy.

Shepardbook is up to level 90. She’s Disc/Shadow at the moment. Though I still dislike Shadow. I’ve got her up to Throne of Thunder LFR level gear. I’m going to really hate giving up that staff. It makes my Shadowfiend/Mindbender a tiny little Sha. I love it!!!!

Naturebook is also up to level 90. She’s my second best geared character so she’s kinda my second main. She’s mainspec’d Resto with a boomer offspec.

Badbook is still 85. She was my 2nd level 80 & 2nd to level 85. Still Blood/Unholy. I need to make time to level her.

Holybook is now up to level 90. She’s my third best geared character kinda my 3rd main 😀 She’s mainspec Holy with a Protection off-spec.

Shiftybook is now up to level 39. I never seem to have time to play her as well.

Shubook is new to this gallery. She’s my windwalker monk. Up to level 53 cause monks are so easy to level with the Enlightenment XP bonus.

Hunterbook is now up to level 85. Still Beastmastery.

Magebook is now up to 40. She’s Fire now. Still having problems leveling her despite my RNG pick which alt to work on seems to pick her alot.

Shammybook is now level 80. Still Elemental/Resto.

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Tools of WoW Investigation: WoW Reforge

While I can spout off such things as what is the basic stat you want (ie Agility, Strength, Intellect) for each spec a lot of the “finer” details I have to research. So I thought I’d share some sources I currently use.

WoW Reforge

When Cataclysm went live Reforging came with it. It was a way to “make do” with gear drops. Secondary stats can be changed. Back in ICC I refused to roll on Ikfirus’ Sack of Wonder. It had all this Hit & Expertise on it plus 3 gem slots. I stuck with my Sanctified Shadowblade Breastplate with Crit, haste & 2 gem slots. Why? It wasn’t for my 4 piece set bonus. It was because I was over the hit cap. WAY OVER. So far over that it was a wasted stat for me. As an Assassination Rogue I need to hit the spell hit cap (17%) instead of the special attacks (aka melee) hit cap (8%) . Actually by the end of ICC I was over the cap on Hit, Expertise & Crit. I was stacking Attack Power & Haste because those were the only things left. With reforging I can get rid of my overage and can fiddle with secondary stats, but that requires math. So I use this site to help. I log out in the gear I will be using. Pull my character up on the website, manually select that hit is at my desired setting and expertise, then with a push of the OPTIMISE button you get a guide to reforge.

Sometimes  it seems a little weird like reforging out of hit on 1 piece of gear while reforging into hit on another. But in the end I ended up exactly at 17.0% hit & more mastery than before.

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World of Warcraft Addon: WoW-Pro Guides

WoW-Pro Guides + TomTom

I was almost certain this addon was going to be like when I tried Zygor’s Guides or Dugi’s Guides addons for World of Warcraft where you get levels 1-20 for free, but they want to to pay for 21-85, but no this one is totally free. For me it’s replacing TourGuide addon when their modules didn’t get updated with the move to Cataclysm.

I like this kinda thing because it gives me an organized to do list. I like not having to think about questing. Outlands & Northrend still follow some of the older lines of questing where going to X area of the zone, then cross over to another area & pick up a quest that sends you back to X area.

Two features I noticed when looking at this addon’s options was Auto-accept & Auto-turn-in of quests. It’s off by default, but I turned it on as I normally don’t read quest texts anyway. Yes, I know I’m horrible. But the auto feature allows me to do it in less mouse clicks.

World of Warcraft

I also like some of the sticky tasks this addon provides. This allows me to see all the steps I need to do in a given area in the World of Warcraft. I.E. pick up seeds off the ground, kill birds for the quest, plus collect feathers off said birds. I’m completing 3 quests at once. I love things that boink me over the head & make me do that.

I have 4 characters in Outlands at the moment. Outlands is better designed than Vanilla Azaroth, but was the very next generation of the questing. It’s not as smooth as Northrend of the revamped Cataclysm areas. It currently is the oldest of the designed/unrevamped areas in World of Warcraft & hence has some design problems of the area. There is no auto complete of the quests without going back to a quest giver. There aren’t even vehicle mechanics in Outlands (that was added with Wrath of the Lich King).

There’s also 3 settings level for the addon you can choose from for the level of completion of a Warcraft zone. Level 1 is complete every quest. This is great for those going for Loremaster. In fact, I plan to use this with Book working on hers. Level 2 is complete the majority of the quests in the zone. Level 3 is the minimum needed to clear the zone.

If you are already partially leveled or partway through a Warcraft zone, just pick a zone appropriate to your level. The addon learns which quests you have already done & automatically marks those quests as completed.