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Book Review: Merry Ex-mas by Shelia Roberts

Merry Ex-MasMerry Ex-Mas by Sheila Roberts
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A romance category novel about ex-husbands. Interesting. Sheila Roberts also never concentrates only on one couple. I still don’t know why I’m still reading this series. It’s good to see some continuity of characters however. Overall this on my favorite in the series to date. Disclaimer: I received Better Than Chocolate from the Tell Harlequin reader panel.

Ellla O’Brien is sharing the house with her newly ex-husband while trying to sell it. Cass Wilkes, owner of the bakery, is dealing with her daughters last minute wedding and her ex-husband. Charlene Albach, owner of Zelda’s restaurant, is dealing with her ex-husband who has returned without the hostess he ran away with and swears he wants her back.One couple gets back together, another makes peace with their lots and yet another sees her ex for the snake he really is.

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Tier 13 Fashionista — The Hunters

The hunters. One that I’m not looking at personally as one of my 85 classes. But maybe before the end of this expansion. She’s already 51 & I’ve got lots of heirlooms on her. So if I put my mind to it I could probably have her leveled & geared enough for the looking for raid group. My problem is that I have ADD with my alts. I can’t consistently levelĀ one or the other. It’s just kinda “I feel like healing dungeons” or “I feel like tanking dungeons” or “I feel like questing now.” Anyway on to the fashion critique.


This is named Wyrmstalker & I was talking to a hunter who was ecstatic over them bringing back the stalker to hunter gear. Overall, I’d say I like it. It’s not one of my very favorite out of the Tier 13, but it’s not one I hate either. It looks not to be leather or mail, but of scales. The artwork on the boots I have no clue if that is supposed to be mail or scales or what. It looks like a bit of bad artwork for the boot base.


I’d say the silver one (bottom) is my favorite of the colors, followed by the burgundy one (top), then the purple one (middle) is my least favorite of the three.

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Tier 13 Fashionista — The Rogues

As my personal main being a rogue I’ll start here. I’ve been very vocal about the Kindergarten seamstress work. If you zoom in there are leather creases which I’m cool with & leather is a hard one it seems to me for people to replicate the texture of leather. I like that it looks like leather, but I don’t like seeing the seams.

The lower one is what I’m calling the red version. It was what was previewed on the official Blizzard site. I dislike this one with a passion. The seams assault my eyes. It also seems too…. bright. We’re a stealth class. The poison green shoulders are… interesting. Are we going for Christmas colors here?

The middle one (aka the green version) is kinda grown on me. It’s a bit of a bright green. The main thing that I think of with rogues that are green are the poisons. The leather doesn’t look quite so much like real leather with the green set, but the grey stitching doesn’t assault my eyes quite so much. The gold glow of the shoulders seem to work with the green much better than the red version.

The blue version (the one on top) is the one I’m partial too. It still suffers from the horrible stitching. As with the green it’s a little bit of a bright color & the leather doesn’t look like real leather as much as the red version, but put all together it’s still my favorite. I almost expect blue shoulders to breath frost bolts out on occasion.

I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t a black version, but with what we’ve learned about the legendary daggers I think that might have been skirting DC comic’s intellectual property a little too much. I was thinking maybe a navy, but we didn’t really get any dark tones for rogues this tier.