Alt Appreciation #DeathKnightWeek because I missed the earlier weeks

I missed Alt Appreciation when it was early enough for Death Knight week. So with NaBloPoMo I’m going to resurrect the ones I missed in order to give me material. So first up I’d like to present…. The Death Knights. First off is Badbook… Or as her guild note says, “Non NYT bestseller” ❤ Eledryn… Continue reading Alt Appreciation #DeathKnightWeek because I missed the earlier weeks

Main main, 2nd main, vs alts.

I enjoy having multiple characters to play. I tend to have my main main which is my rogue (1st character I ever created) and that doesn’t change. My 2nd main has changed every expansion. I tend to have an alt that I work on to the point that it is almost as geared as my… Continue reading Main main, 2nd main, vs alts.

Daily Journal: two big announcements on Twitter

World of #Warcraft Patch 5.4: Siege of Orgrimmar arrives September 10! — World of Warcraft (@Warcraft) August 21, 2013 I am one of the people very happy with the delay. Granted I still have to work the night of the 10th so I still miss the first two of my guild’s raid nights in… Continue reading Daily Journal: two big announcements on Twitter

WoW Fashionista: Tier 16

I ran late with the Tier 15 fashionista review. But this one shall be semi-sorta on time! First off the Layout of the images I took from WoWHead’s model viewer The Left one is Raid Finder mode. The middle image will be the model used by both Flex Raid mode and Normal mode. The right… Continue reading WoW Fashionista: Tier 16

Tier 15 Armor Fashionista

Tier 15 Armor Fashioista Yes I know late start on this one as Tier 16 is already getting some previews, but better late than never. Death Knight – All-Consuming Maw I love that it’s not in shades of black. Hate the teeth on this thing. Rate : Thumbs Down Druid – Haunted Forest Does appear… Continue reading Tier 15 Armor Fashionista

WoW Fashionista Death Knight Tier Retrospective

MMO-Champion / World of Warcraft Official My likes Tier 10 Scourgelord is my favorite of DK tier to date. My favorite color sceme is the 10heroic/25normal Tier 11 Magma Plated was one I liked. Especially the heroic version coloring. Very regal yet intimidating. My dislikes Tier 12 normal – what kinda rusted butterfly is that?… Continue reading WoW Fashionista Death Knight Tier Retrospective

Tier 13 Fashionista — Death Knights

Finally a month behind the times we get to see what the Tier 13 DK looks like. It apparently had to go back because the first design did not come out well. I can only think that the first design was absolutely horrid, because this is a step up to “meh.” The title is “Necrotic… Continue reading Tier 13 Fashionista — Death Knights