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Alt Appreciation #DruidWeek

More making up for Alt Appreciation that I didn’t get to before.

Naturebook one of my level 90 crew. She was my primary alt for most of Cataclysm and my first alt leveled in Mists. Though she went mostly from Balance spec to Restoration spec. I haven’t cared that much for her since Throne of Thunder and I think I’ve retired her for this expac.

Shiftybook is my level 45 Feral/Guardian druid. My intent was to have 2 druids to cover all specs. Still working on leveling her. I just don’t enjoy kitty that much.

Onebook is my level 34 druid on Thorium Brotherhood and probably my highest level character on my “horde server.” Again he is feral/guardian. I tend to like the Tauren male models better.


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Main main, 2nd main, vs alts.


I enjoy having multiple characters to play. I tend to have my main main which is my rogue (1st character I ever created) and that doesn’t change. My 2nd main has changed every expansion. I tend to have an alt that I work on to the point that it is almost as geared as my main. She’s the one I turn to when I’ve “finished” with what Book can do for the week. Also I enjoy being able to fill a different role such as healer or tank if needed. Many people know they can whisper me & I will have a decently geared alt I can bring to a run.

In Wrath it was my DK. She was the easiest to level. Ulduar was out before my main hit 80. Yes, I was a Wrath Baby. I used to sub in my DK for the ICC bosses that I needed nothing for my rogue on in the guild that I was in. My warlock also got to level 80 & saw some action in ICC, but it was usually my DK I turned to first if I couldn’t take my main. Actually the funny thing was my DK ended up getting Kingslayer because my rogue was locked to another 25 man instance. My rogue never got Kingslayer until she was 85. Also my DK ended up with the shirt from Precious. Normally, I just rolled greed if any main wanted anything because she was an alt, she just took the leftovers. But there was this one rogue in my guild I didn’t like. He came back near the end of the expansion and wanted to main a rogue instead of leveling his level 70 warlock. So the guild leaders (friends of his) power leveled & power geared him by running older stuff. Yes, I was jealous I had to suffer through pick up groups and work and get geared up by myself and earn my raid spot (some begging may have also been involved) and it seemed to me he just waltzed in and was grabbing up all my gear. Also didn’t help that the other 2 active rogues in my guild didn’t care for him either. Anyway, back to Precious’s shirt. When it dropped I was on my DK and I saw Disliked Rogue rolling need on it I didn’t want him to have it. So I rolled need and won! She’s been wearing that shirt ever since.
Cataclysm saw my second main being my Druid. I had changed guilds. In my new guild I was running in the “alt” run with my rogue. But this left me Monday thru Thursday with nothing to do. So I sort of started running Firelands with my previous guild. The guild leader liked the buffs the Moonkin brought so I found it easier to gear her than my DK or warlock (warlock then was mediocre dps . When my main got asked to apply for the main run which was the same days as the guild I was running with druid, I presented the alts I had available for the alt run and my druid was chosen to replace my rogue in the alt run. So needless to say she was my second alt through most of Cataclysm. She did quite a lot in Cata as she was almost fully heroic geared by the end of Cata and had downed everything on heroic except Spine & Madness of Deathwing.
For Mists of Pandaria, I changed guilds about halfway through the expansion with my main.  I again let my alt run leader pick (different leader). I had my druid, paladin, and priest within about a 2-3 item level range. And since we didn’t have any plate she picked my Holy Paladin. Also it allowed her some versatility as she is a primarily a healer and secondarily a tank so one of those 2 hard to fill roles get covered.
So the DK is now an alt, the druid is now an alt. Along with the warlock (who has been stuck as an alt despite being my 3rd at max level).

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WoW Fashionista: Tier 16

I ran late with the Tier 15 fashionista review. But this one shall be semi-sorta on time! First off the Layout of the images I took from WoWHead’s model viewer The Left one is Raid Finder mode. The middle image will be the model used by both Flex Raid mode and Normal mode. The right image will be what you will see from a Heroic raider.

Tier 16 Death Knight – Battleplate of Cyclopen Dread/Plate of Cyclopen Dread
The Cyclopes imagery was an interesting chose to go with this class of death, decay and infestation. Overall I like the look but it doesn’t scream “Death Knight” to me. Instead I kinda feel like “generic plate class.” My DK has hit 90, but I haven’t started gearing her. The helm has the skeleton key slot that seems to be in several different tier pieces this Tier.
Tier 16 Druid – Armor of the Shattered Vale/Regalia of the Shattered Vale/Battlegear of the Shattered Vale/Vestments of the Shattered Vale
I MUST find a Flex raid or normal for my druid this tier. I’m dearly wanting this tier for her. I may have to go to to see if I can find her groups. Most druid tiers leave me unimpressed, but this one I’m in love with. I’m less impressed with the LFR version. There heroic version is kinda my middle of the two.
Tier 16 Hunter – Battlegear of the Unblinking Vigil
As with most hunter gear I haven’t had strong feelings with this set. It’s still missing shoulders in these images so that could possibly make or break this set for me. The helm is interesting, but I would hide it. My hunter is level 89 and I’ve been unexcited about most of the MoP sets. Hunters seem to have the key upside down in the chest in this set.
Tier 16 Mage – Chronomancer Regalia
Here I’m really enjoying the Heroic mode style with the gold. Followed by the simple silver and blue of the LFR version. The key is upside down in their belt.
Tier 16 Monk – Armor of the Seven Sacred Seals/Battlegear of the Seven Sacred Seals/Vestments of the Seven Sacred Seals
I’m in love!!! The hard part is picking a color. I’ve been wanting to put monks in a dress since the start of MoP. I am leveling my monk solely to get this set. If I had to pick I THINK the white is my favorite, but I also adore the Blue & Red. The key seems to be both on chest & the belt. (and what may be my chances to get this as transmog for my rogue???)
Tier 16 Paladin – Battlegear of Winged Triump/Plate of Winged Triumph/Vestments of Winged Triumph
Again I need to find a Flex raid for my Paladin. With this many alts I’m going to have to start forming my own raid to cover them all. It’s a very close call for the LFR version vs. the Flex/Normal version. And the Heroic looks really good too. Helm will be hidden however.
Tier 16 Priest – Vestments of Ternion Glory/Regalia of Ternion Glory
I LOVE the heroic version. Though I’m less fond of the shoulders. However I doubt my priestess will see this set before the next expansion. The key is in the belt here.
Tier 16 Rogue – Barbed Assassin Battlegear
This is my favorite recent rogue set. The helm is even something I might show! I’m so happy for my main. I like the gold one in the middle the best & any heroic gear I end up with will probably end up transmogrified back to the normal/flex pieces.
Tier 16 Shaman – Celestial Harmony Battlegear/Celestial Harmony Regalia/Celestial Harmony Vestment
I really like the flex/normal set here. My shaman is only 87, but I may have to level her to get it. LFR and heroic are pretty sweet as well.
Tier 16 Warlock – Regalia of the Horned Nightmare
I’m usually not a big fan of the Warlock tier and this one is no exception, but I’m kinda surprised at how plain this is compared to the other tiers. My lock may pick up the LFR in her spare time.
Tier 16 Warrior – Battleplate of the Prehistoric Marauder/Plate of the Prehistoric Marauder
I’ve loved the warrior set this expansion except for this one. My warrior’s only level 53 and may stay there. Though I find the Paw like feet on the boots quite interesting. The belt again seems to be a key.

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Daily Journal: VP capping a second character

View of Catskills looking over Hudson River fr...
View of Catskills looking over Hudson River from near Rhinecliff, NY, USA, in the Hudson River Historic District, a National Historic Landmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woke up. Banfield was calling to check on Hudson. Cat’s doing fine. Being a lazy bum.

Addon updates: DBM – LibDataBroker, Tidy Plates, IceHUD, Symbiosis

Hunterbook – learned the Magnificent Hide Pack.

Shammybook – learned the Glyph of Skull Bash.

Shubook – did her daily & leveled to 64.

Naturebook – did Pinnacle of Storms. Then got dinner & did the other 3 (2 sets with Miltrath). On Dururmu I got a Phoenix Hatchling in the bag. After that I managed to get the scenarios & the barrens unlocked. I got her VP capped in all this. Plus used my Mojo on her to buy the pet. No significant upgrades.

Shepardbook – did the Barrens quest line. Got her the quest i502 boots. Also she got the Latent Kor’kron Pants. Got shoulders & helm with Book yesterday.

Hunterbook got the 1 hour leveling treatment. Also played past the reset so she learned Linked Gauntlets. She’s now 86 & in the Valley of 4 Winds.

Shammybook – learned Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah.

Book -got Agi food for a change.

Shubook. Got her monk daily done. 13 more quests to level her.

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As my liberal arts background dictates I should self examine periodically so I decided to apply this to my Rogue who primarily is PVE/Raiding. Yes, I know most people will be tl;dr because it’s just me rambling.

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Image by Tatiana Mik via Flickr

Why should you take an Assassination Rogue as raid dps besides the fact we are dps? In no real particular order.

  1. 8% Increased Spell Damage Debuff.
  2. Interrupts
  3. Expose Armor
  4. Casting Speed Slow Debuff (via Mind-Numbing Poison)
  5. Healing Debuff (via Wound Poison)
  6. Saps/stuns
  7. Feint/Recuperate/Evasion for survivability
  8. Remove Enrage with Shiv
  9. Tricks of the Trade to boost another’s dps.

Let’s take #1 & see who can also bring this 8% increased Spell Damage Debuff since Blizzard was promoting the “bring the player not the class” philosophy.

  • Balance Druid – part of normal rotation, just as with Assassination Rogues. Plus they come with Rebirth, Tranquility, Mark of the Wild, the ability to decurse/remove poisons, a spell haste buff, an interrupt (60 sec cooldown), & an AOE slow.
  • Unholy Death Knight – again part of normal rotation. They come with Raise Ally, Horn of Winter, attack speed slow debuff, cast speed slow debuff, an interrupt (10 sec cooldown)
  • Warlock – any warlock can cast Curse of the Elements. Affliction locks may pick up the talent Jinx which spreads it to up to 15 targets. It lasts 5 min for 1 global cooldown. With a lock you also get Soulstone, Healthstones, Summoning boxes & self-heals via Drain Life. Depending on Spec and/or pet you get Buffs: mana increase, mana regen, replenishment, spell power, stamina; Debuffs: healing & spell critical strike chance.
  • Hunters with Dragonhawk or Wind Serpent pets – depending on spec/pet it’s almost easier to ask what can’t they bring to the table as far as buffs. Marksmen have an interrupt with Silencing Shot (20 sec cooldown). Tranquilizing shot removes enrages.

For #2 Interrupts we work with Shaman (Wind Shear 6 sec), Paladin (Rebuke 10 sec), Death Knight (Mind Freeze 10 sec), Warriors (Pummel 10 sec), Druids (Skull Bash {talented} 10 sec). Lots of options as a raid leader to chose from.

For #3 Expose Armor? 3x Sunder Armor from a Warrior or 3x Faerie Fire from a Druid do just as well.

For #4 & #5? Because of current poison mechanics you can’t run anything except Instant/Deadly combo without significant dps loss.

For #6? Sap’s great for CC, but many others also have options. Kidney Shot to stun? Umm…. Only thing I can think of this working for in a raid environment are occasional adds like Sons of Ragnaros as raid bosses aren’t stunable.

For #7? Feint’s nice that that’s half the AoE damage that the healers don’t have to heal you for, but the other players? Yeah that AoE heal has to be done. Recuperate is also nice, but most healers don’t notice it ticking away at 3% every 3 sec. If you’re taking damage, it’s more than likely going to be more than Recuperate can heal. Evasion? If I’ve hit this in a raid it usually means the tank is down & the raid has 15 sec to try to finish the boss.

For #8. I really like that Shiv can now remove an enrage without Anesthetic poison. In Trial of the Crusader I had a macro for Icehowl’s enrage & I kept a weapon with the poison on it for that fight in case someone got hit. So far this expansion I can only think of the Lynx boss in ZA that has an Enrage remove mechanic. Only other classes that can cover this are hunters & druids iirc.

Which brings me to what could be done to make a rogue a more attractable option to raids?

  1. Make us a team player. Maybe extend Feint to others. It only works against AOE damage & would be a big help to healers in the phases where you group up & all the healers/dps throws out raid cooldowns such as Tranquility, Healing Rain, Power Word: Barrier, etc.