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Daily Journal: two big announcements on Twitter

I am one of the people very happy with the delay. Granted I still have to work the night of the 10th so I still miss the first two of my guild’s raid nights in the new raid. I’m really hoping after such a long break that we are back up to 25 man raids. I was kinda surprised they they were initially looking to release a new patch before the Labor Day holiday here in the US. This could mean if something broke with the patch they possibly would have to work over the holiday.

Twitter triggers Oh, how I’ve missed you! Now I can trash those ways I had to hack together to get my Twitter to archive to my Evernote. Each tweet will go in the note it’s supposed to!!! Oh, Happy Day.

Worked on the book again today. Got the Death Knight section roughed out. As it’s the first of the class sections I’ve attempted it’s the roughest one. Got the Forsaken Undead race section done, so that’s 4 races done. I’ve also started work on the Auction House section. The hard part on that will be pulling myself back from too much information as it’s one of my current WoW focuses. I spent a lot of time out of my hotel room today just so they would clean it. So I got a bit done on the book. 😀 I sent off copies of the book to 2 friend to proofread. (If anyone has access to iBooks on the iPad let me know and I’ll include you on the beta readers list).

Though I may have discovered that  Mail didn’t send them. 😦 Anyway did the Fashionista PoV on the new Tier 16 gear. I’m wanting ALL the new monk tier gear.

I leveled my monk a few levels.

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Daily Journal: Watched a movie

Byword (iPad)
Byword (iPad) (Photo credit: Frank Hamm)

So.. 4 times last week and twice so far this week. Tempest Keep hasn’t dropped a single pet. Starting to doubt I’ll see one. Wowhead is having issues so I can’t check other’s drop rates. I need to start hunting for an Unborn Val’kyr I’ve got a spare Undead stone to upgrade it once I catch one so it can even be poor and I’d take it. I just have to find the blasted thing.

Been trying to get Byword to publish to my blog. I’ve purchased the Premium edition, set up Evernote & WordPress, but it still fails at publishing. I’ve emailed support. I’ve tried re setting up the blog/evernote accounts to no avail. Oh well, we’ll see.

Went to see Star Trek Into Darkness. Loved it. Didn’t love the migraine & nausea after though. Had to drug myself to get rid of it. Which has made me very sleepy today.

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IFTTT and Twitter work around


Going power mad with
Going power mad with (Photo credit: deusx)

I like my tweets archived to Evernote. Really I do. It’s like a personal journal that I don’t have to remember to update because it auto clips everything from the day.  I don’t have to work so hard to create my journal or duplicate anything. Also I have Facebook, Foursqure, Flickr, Goodreads and many more locations feeding my journal as well.  So when I learned that IFTTT was not allowing you to use Twitter triggers anymore I was sad… Then I started to search for a work around. You see, I remember Twitter used to have an RSS feed!!! And, well, I have my WordPress RSS feed pull through IFTTT into my Evernote journal so surely I can do the same with Twitter.

Twitter has gotten cagy. It’s more difficult now to find your RSS feed. After some poking around and looking at blogs I found my answer. My twitter handle is @tanyabook so the RSS feed for it is

You can swap out “tanyabook” for your own username.

I just created a new Recipe with IFTTT  with a Feed as the “IF THIS” trigger. Inserted my Twitter RSS url. Picked Evernote as my “THEN THAT” action. I have it as appending the same note as that’s the format I prefer. IFTTT also gives you the choice to have each instance create its own. I found that this created many more individual notes without much information, but whichever of the two it creates the archive. Which was the main goal of this exercise.

IMO Twitter’s tightening may not do good things for the service in the long run. Honestly I don’t care what Justin Bieber or any of the twitter celebs are tweeting. What is this “promoted” crapola? I use twitter as a personal journal/open chat with friends. I don’t care about the hottest trending topic. In fact, I still get text messages from twitter for my closest friends. So get off my twitter lawn!!!!


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ToDo List debate


twitter logo map 09
twitter logo map 09 (Photo credit: The Next Web)

I realized I had 7 To Do apps on my phone. I decided needed to make the jump and cut that number as I need my to do lists mostly in 1 place or maybe just in 1 or two locations.  I like features of several of them however nothing has hit that sweet spot of having all the features that I want. I need to do lists that reach out & grab my attention to what I need to do.

Valuable features to me:

  1. Reminders: I need to be reminded. When I arrive. When I leave. At a certain date or time. If I’m not reminded I’ll forget.
  2. Available anywhere: I have 3 computers an iPad and an iPhone. I like to put something down & pick up when I pick up a different device.
  3. Lists: I make lists with no specific “has to be done by XX/XX/XXX” all the time. A lot of these has been gear wish lists for my world of warcraft characters.

Reminders on the iPhone has a great location aware alerts. This comes in handy also that it syncs with my computers and I can add to the list from the desktop. However it doesn’t offer repeating tasks or easy lists.

ToodleDo has great sync anywhere capabilities and repeating tasks. That does a poor job with alerts and the website is hard to use to the point I only use it through another client.

Evernote has great list making capability but it doesn’t give you email or alert reminders of the upcoming to do items. However a TON of my notes, etc. are here.

Nimbulist is a great app for making list in Evernote and for like Gear lists however same problems with Evernote no reminders or due dates to them.

Remember the milk has email, Twitter & text alerts, as well as repeating tasks. However the price it you have to be paid and the iPhone app isn’t the most user-friendly. Location based tasks doesn’t give you a reminder for them.

Clear is a great fun iPhone app with the slide to cross out a task.  however there are no due dates or reminders. There is not any synchronization between your phone and computer.

Astrid has due dates & repeating tasks. It doesn’t have SMS reminders but it does have app alerts. Lists (IE subtasks) are not so easy.

So I sketched out a chart.

sync computer & phone location aware alerts repeating tasks alerts Mobile app price point lists capable
Reminders yes, native with my iOS yes, pretty well no mobile & desktop alerts yes free with OS yes, but awkward
ToodleDo@toodledo yes, with button pushQ 1 min yes, with 2nd party app, but poorly functioning yes mobile app alerts yes subscription fee Yes, but awkward website client is extremely difficult to utilize
Remember the Milk@rememberthemilk yes, with button pushQ 24 hours list by location, but not aware, awkward to use yes mobile appSMS



yes, but can only sync q 24 hrs unless paid subscription subscription fee Yes, but slightly awkward
Evernote@evernote yes no no no yes free yes I use this heavily for notes
Nimbulist@nimbulist yes, with button push to Evernote no no no yes paid app yes syncs with Evernote
Clear@UseClear no no no no yes paid app yes
Astrid@WeLoveAstrid yes no yes mobile app yes free yes, not as easy as Evernote though

Conclusion: I decided to keep 3 services though it’s 4 apps.

I went with Reminders for everything non-repeating. I’m primarily an Apple user & it nags very well. Plus I was going to keep it anyway because it is the BEST at location reminders.

For repeating tasks, I’m going with Astrid. It’s the new oohhh shiney for now. It’s got the basics for me covered & will be replacing ToodleDo & RTM.

For lists, I have to say I’m going to stick with my Nimbulist/Evernote combination. It’s quick & easy & puts my lists


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Image representing Evernote as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

How do I use Evernote as a travel nurse? As a travel nurse I can change jobs & move as often as every 8 weeks depending on the contracts type. When interviewing with new locations with a new contract I speak to many people. I usually open a new note & make notes with who I spoke with, details of the conversation, target dates for contract start, & any details I need to know about my work location such as number of beds on the unit, dress code, etc. I forward emails from my recruiter to Evernote to store additional details about the assignment.

I store both blank & completed forms for items such as Mileage Reimbursement & Timesheets & more. I will pull up the form I need from Evernote, print it, complete the form, then I scan the completed form into the computer to email it back to my company for reimbursement.

Prior to moving to a new location, I research it on the internet. I clip information about locations I want to visit & locations I need (such as the local shopping mall or veterinarian) into Evernote. I also try to reduce the amount of unnecessary items that I have to bring along during a move so user manuals such as that for my camera or my microwave, I locate the online PDF of the manual & store it in Evernote.

I occasionally run into larger ticket item purchases I consider such as a new travel printer. I take a photo of it & the tag with model number and price with my iPhone camera straight into Evernote.

Once I’m at a new hospital to start work often parking needs my license plate number. I just pull up my photo of my license plate in Evernote.

Evernote Screenshot
Image via Wikipedia


I also travel with my 2 cats. My older kitty has medical problems and has to visit the veterinarian regularly. With us being in different locations he often has to see different veterinarians. I keep his medical records scanned into Evernote & can locate his past medical information for his newest medical provider. I also keep previous provider’s business cards scanned in for quick access. (Note: While it has really good security, Evernote isn’t secured to HIPPA standards for human medical records, but the law doesn’t require the same security for pet medical records.)

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Random Dungeonfinder

From Evernote:

Random Dungeonfinder

Another of my beginning series……

At level 15 you see a button available to you on your toolbar. Dungeon finder. It looks like a green eye. I thought a few tips might make things a little easier when you start running dungeons.

  • Set aside uninterrupted play time. Use the bathroom before hand. Have your soda & snacks close by. I’m not saying if a dungeon is dragging on that you can’t call for a bio break, but most dungeons can be run in about 15 min to a hour.
  • Plan to spend around an hour.
  • Only queue as a healer or a tank if you want & are prepared to do the job. At lower levels you can tank as a Fury spec’ed warrior. You can heal as a balance druid. Heck, I healed Deadmines on my tank spec’ed pally. But starting about level 40 I’d suggest you not do this. Because something called dual-specing can be done starting at level 40. You can have 2 sets of talent points. Now it’s expensive…. 1,000 Gold. But if you want to level healing, but still have a dps spec for questing it’s the way to go.
  • Let the tank get aggro. Lay off for about 6 seconds to let the tank establish aggro on a mob. Follow the tank’s target. Don’t go off attacking things on your own. For hunters & warlocks keep your pets on passive. Yes, it will require you to micromanage your pet, but you can do it & it will keep your pet from accidentally pulling extra mobs.
  • Get the Quests. Share the Quests. Grab the quests for an instance. When you’re in the instance share it with others you all get them done at the same time, because while leveling that extra xp helps you all out.
  • Are your bags ready? Stocked with potions & foods that you need, empty space to pick up quest items, vendor trash (hey that’s good silver & it adds up), as well as those nifty boss gear drops.
  • Stay till the end. What do you get out of it? Achievements, gold, xp bonus (cause it will level us that much faster) & a Satchel of Helpful Goods. Granted sometimes the stuff in the Satchel will seem to be expensive vendor trash (hello giving a warrior intellect mail), but other times it will be useful. The Satchel drops for every random dungeon you do. My warlock leveled in style (wearing mostly heirlooms & blues) thanks to the dungeon finder.
  • Don’t stay with a fail group. Sometimes you just get a bad group. Don’t stay with a group that is annoying you to no end. Wiping constantly. Bitching at everyone. It’s not worth it. Just leave. Ignore anyone who’s very offensive. The random dungeon finder will never put you in group with someone who’s on your ignore list.
  • Don’t immediately leave group at the end of a good group. If you’re with a good group & you have the time ask if they want to re-queue for another dungeon. I’ve seen good groups chain run instances together until people had to leave.