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So I got an idea of how to show all my Covet Fashion stuff off without spamming all those who don’t want to see everything. Using Twitter (which my phone posts to) and IFTTT I’ve set up easy posting to

Still looking for an option to auto-post to Instagram….

2014 My favorite iPhone apps

Waze kaart scherm

Waze kaart scherm (Photo credit: Henk-Jan van der Klis)

1. Audible

I need things to keep my brain active and off the subject of my life.

2. Pushover

This goes mostly with IFTTT. I can set up alerts such as the Full Moon. When I get an email that is “Important” according to Gmail (be sure to teach Gmail what isn’t important).

3. iOS apps Mail/Messages/Calendar/Reminders/Safari

I nearly live in these basic iOS apps.

Mail I have set up to sync with Gmail.

Calendar syncs with Google Calendar and the calendar on my Laptop.

Same with Reminders though I do have IFTTT set up to sync it with Remember the Milk.

4. Twitter

This is my communication method lots of time. I keep up with more friends here than I do Facebook.

5. Foursquare

If I ever go missing the cops can easily find where the last place I was.


I hate repetitive tasks, but I LOVE to keep archives. This does that and automates a few things for me.

7. Starbucks

I had been using this app quite a bit. I was addicted to my Carmel Apple Spice even though it doesn’t agree with my stomach. Apples have given me problems for years.

8. Mobile Banking app

This is how I usally check my bank account. I actually interact with my bank more this way than any other way.

9. Google+

I’m using this more than any other social site for promoting my iBooks.

11. Timehop

I like this app for seeing what was going on in my life on this day for previous years.

12. Waze

I travel a lot and don’t know where I’m going. So I find out what’s nearby by using the search embeded in Waze. Plus they know traffic because of the real time traffic updates from other users in the area.

13. Kindle

I love to read. However, moving with a large library every 3 to 6 months is prohibitive. So I have a Kindle, a Kindle app on my phone and a Kindle app on my iPad. I have my whole library down to about 3 lbs. A lot easier to pack up and move.

Daily Journal

World of Warcraft Feeds on Facebook

World of Warcraft Feeds on Facebook (Photo credit: Tatiana Mik)

Worked last night. Got started on the outline & rough draft of the Pet Battles book. I have a feeling I’m going to be working on a lot more paper here at this hospital. For the Hearthstone Book I’ve just got the formatting for the Shaman, Warlock & Warrior to go.

Also good news! The World of Warcraft book is now live!


Daily Journal: Isolation and depression

Read the magnet. via tatianamik

Read the magnet. via tatianamik

One of the major feelings of depressions is isolation. This makes things worse for me. I am isolated. I am 1150 miles from home. I am 1160 miles from my best friends. It would take me 20 hours of driving time to get there. That’s 0 stops and praying traffic is decent in the cities. It was like 24 hours on the trip here. I make use of various things, texts, Skype, Ventrillo with my guild, Facebook, twitter to keep in some form of communication.  I have the cats but they are just not the same as human contact.  I don’t make close friends easily. There are many people I am friendly with, but none that are close as my 3 best friends. We can be apart for years, but the minute we’re back together we’re just the same as we were. I miss that. We were together for a while, but now life is spreading us out again.  But the fact that I work as a travel and I’m so temporary in an area complicates the isolation of the depression. Plus I’m night shift. I’m asleep while everyone else is awake. I’m awake when everyone else is asleep. The isolation is pretty well a fact of life. Some days I feel more connected to characters in fictional stories than I do real people. I see more of their lives. I think this is part of the reason I prefer TV shows over movies. I get to spend longer with the characters. I get into their lives. I spend a lot of time with audiobooks as well. Comments help, it’s like starting a conversation. I know someone is listening and wants to communicate.

How to get rid of Annoying Facebook applications

Every once in a while spammers seem to take over abandoned Facebook apps that people forgot they authorized to share that cute photo. Here’s how to get rid of any annoying Facebook apps or just clean up those you don’t use anymore.

Facebook 2

Log in and find the gear icon and click on it.


Select the “Account Settings” from the gear drop down.



On the left column is a menu.Find the “Apps” and click on it. This will give you a list of applications that you have authorized at some point or another.


Click the X by the applications you no longer want.


All done!

Google purchased Waze

To help you outsmart traffic, today we’re excited to announce we’ve closed the acquisition of Waze. This fast-growing community of traffic-obsessed drivers is working together to find the best routes from home to work, every day.

via Official Blog: Google Maps and Waze, outsmarting traffic together.

I’ve been using Waze quite a while now… I’ve been a bit of an editor on the rare occasion as well. I added the bypass in my hometown shortly after it was constructed. I’ve been with them through growing pains. Now I just hope Google lets them continue to grow & doesn’t end them like they have Google Reader (yes, I’m still kinda bitter about that shuttering next month).

IFTTT and Twitter work around


Going power mad with ifttt.com

Going power mad with ifttt.com (Photo credit: deusx)

I like my tweets archived to Evernote. Really I do. It’s like a personal journal that I don’t have to remember to update because it auto clips everything from the day.  I don’t have to work so hard to create my journal or duplicate anything. Also I have Facebook, Foursqure, Flickr, Goodreads and many more locations feeding my journal as well.  So when I learned that IFTTT was not allowing you to use Twitter triggers anymore I was sad… Then I started to search for a work around. You see, I remember Twitter used to have an RSS feed!!! And, well, I have my WordPress RSS feed pull through IFTTT into my Evernote journal so surely I can do the same with Twitter.

Twitter has gotten cagy. It’s more difficult now to find your RSS feed. After some poking around and looking at blogs I found my answer. My twitter handle is @tanyabook so the RSS feed for it is


You can swap out “tanyabook” for your own username.

I just created a new Recipe with IFTTT  with a Feed as the “IF THIS” trigger. Inserted my Twitter RSS url. Picked Evernote as my “THEN THAT” action. I have it as appending the same note as that’s the format I prefer. IFTTT also gives you the choice to have each instance create its own. I found that this created many more individual notes without much information, but whichever of the two it creates the archive. Which was the main goal of this exercise.

IMO Twitter’s tightening may not do good things for the service in the long run. Honestly I don’t care what Justin Bieber or any of the twitter celebs are tweeting. What is this “promoted” crapola? I use twitter as a personal journal/open chat with friends. I don’t care about the hottest trending topic. In fact, I still get text messages from twitter for my closest friends. So get off my twitter lawn!!!!


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ShopKick iPhone App

I’ve been using a new iPhone app lately. The name of it is ShopKick. It bills itself as a rewards program for just walking into stores. You have the app open and walk into a store and presto, you get “Kickbucks” which you can exchange for prizes. You can also in select shops scan products and get extra kickbucks. It also occasionally has coupons and discounts within the app. You also level up to unlock better rewards and more bonuses.

The Pros

  • They have some big name retailers backing this project. Best Buy, American Eagle Outfitters, Macy’s, Sports Authority and Simon Malls.
  • There are bonus sets to collect and a few of the sets are donations that Citi will make a donation to Feed America or the ASPCA.
  • You can redeem your kickbucks for charity donations; Facebook credits; Gift Certificates to Restraurant.com, Best Buy, American Eagle, Sports Authority; or DVDs.

The Cons

  • I am using it in Arlington, VA, but have yet to find a store where I get credit for walking in automatically. I have been in Best Buy once, two different May’s stores and an American Eagle. No luck with the automatic check-in.
  • For the badges you earn there is no progress bar or anything else that will let you check how close you are to earning your next achievement badge.
  • Winning a free song means you have to use Napster to redeem it.

Visible Vote

Doing a travel assignment in Washington DC has made me more aware of government issues and the need to be active on these issues, but keeping up with everything can be difficult. This app simplifies it.
Mobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 16 PM

You just launch the app & let it know your zip code. One thing I like is it uses your hand entered zip code & not your location. Cause I actually vote in my “home” location & not where I currently am. You see your president, senators & representatives. See how they voted compared to your entered votes. If you touch their names. You can touch their name to go to their profiles including their Twitter accounts. You see their Real Time Approval Rating (RTA) & can vote yourself. Also you can click to call your congress person.

Mobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 25 PM
But the true meat of the app is bills & the voting you can do on them. Read over the main points of the bill. Find links to new sources on the bill. Then VOTE! for yourself.  Your votes are collected & weekly faxed to your representatives so they know the opinion on the individuals they represent. Also you are asked to rate how important the issue is to you. This can be important to your representative.
Mobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 47 PMMobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 33 PMMobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 40 PM
There’s also polls on current hot topics.
Mobile Photo Aug 2, 2010 7 17 53 PM

Also you can write your congressional representatives right inside the app.
Don’t have an iPhone???? Facebook can be useful, because there is a facebook app for Visible Vote. http://apps.facebook.com/visible_vote/

Visible Vote on FacebookVisible Vote on Facebook

Or if you run Windows there is a windows application downloadable at http://visiblevote.us/windowsinfo.php
A Mac version is in the works.

Twitter Rambling summary

IHOP The International House of Pancakes
Image via Wikipedia

Just my random twitter scribblings for today.

  • 01:09 McDonald’s being cute under the covers. #
  • 01:37 Burn After Reading I turned it off. It wasn’t even funny for a black comedy. #
  • 09:48 I need to go out and get cat food #
  • 10:12 @ottom I’m up for it. As long as cat food shopping will be done after. #
  • 10:20 @ottom up IHOP is closer to my place. Why don’t we meet there? #
  • 10:24 @danabrit Arizona Cardinals #
  • 11:08 I am setting next to a 17 day old little boy. His first big trip out of the house. #
  • 11:43 @demonasolace oh no!!!! #
  • 11:45 @demonasolace agh. Did dave sabotagge it? #
  • 13:57 @demonasolace And that’s why you need to move to ATL #
  • 15:48 SLFN: +Plus:
    So it’s my monthly update . School is fun, it just soaks up a lot of energy.
    We have a .. ping.fm/s1ecH #
  • 16:26 @lethann I am in the Mac section. #
  • 20:48 @demonasolace Was it saying that through facebook? It’s a phishing site. They’ve had a lot of that scam happening recently. #
  • 20:50 @demonasolace Your photos aren’t there, they want your username/password. Then they hack into your account and post that to all friends #
  • 20:52 @demonasolace It wasn’t your friend who posted. It was your friend who’s account got hacked. #
  • 20:55 @demonasolace tinyurl.com/595p9m #
  • 22:01 @Amelia_Book We were discussing this over pancakes this morning. #
  • 22:57 @Amelia_Book That’s after he ate so many treats that he threw up. #
  • 23:41 @wilw My cats want all doors open. Including closets. #
  • 23:51 It’s midnight and I’m hungry. Anyone want to go out for food??? #
  • 23:52 @lethann photo when you’re done before you go to bed then. #
  • 23:53 @lethann Anything else open besides Steak & Shake? #
  • 23:54 @lethann k. thanks #
  • 23:58 @lethann That’s what I get for passing out and sleeping the evening away. #

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