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WoW Fashionista: Rogue raiding tier Review

I’m using a female pandaren model since that’s what my character Book is now. 🙂


Tier 1: Nightslayer Armor

Source: Molten Core

I hate the “soup bowl” shoulders. Overall it was a decent stab at the first tier design. The chest is quite menacing as befitting a rogue. This was back in the day of 8 piece tiers. And the 8 pc tier bonus: Vanish heals your for 500! This entire set was probably a PvP rogue’s wet dream.


Tier 2: Bloodfang Armor

Source: Blackwing Lair, Onyxia (helm) & Molten Core (pants from Ragnaros)

This is probably THE most iconic rogue tier set in the game. The blood elf rogue in Craft of War: Blind wears it. And if you haven’t seen that video you should.


Tier 2.5 : Deathdealer’s Embrace

Souce: Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

Most all of the bug carapace tiers looked horrid, but you gotta give them props for attempting to follow a theme.


Tier 3 : Bonescythe Armor

Source: Naxxramas 40 man (no longer available) & Black Market Auction House

I’ve loved this armor since I first saw a photo of it. However I started the game after it was removed and I don’t want to depend the gold to compete for it on the Black Market Auction House on my server. It’s a very simple design, but the grey and teal just really appeals to me.


Tier 4: Netherblade Armor

Source: Karazhan,

This looks like it came from Ahn’Qiraj. It looks like bug carapace. I don’t like the looks of it.


Tier 5: Deathblade Armor

Source: Serpentshrine Caverns

This is probably my favorite from the Burning Crusade era tiers.


Tier 6: Slayer’s Armor

Source: Battle for Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, Sunwell

This is my second favorite of the BC era tiers.


Tier 7: Heroes’ Bonescythe Battlegear/Valorous Bonescythe Battlegear

Source: Naxx 10/25

This was my first Tier for Book & it holds a very special place in my heart. The blue shiny gear.


Tier 8: Valorous Terrorbalde Battlegear/Conqueror’s Terrorblade Battlegear

Source: Ulduar 10/25

This was the start of some really weird helms for rogues. I kept this one hidden the whole time I had in. Granted I didn’t really do Ulduar as current content.


Tier 9: VanCleef’s Battlegear (Alliance)/ Garona’s Battlegear (Horde)

Source: Justice Points/Trial of the Crusader

This was an experiment where Horde & Alliance got different tier armor art. We didn’t get different colors for heroic/normal modes. I liked that all the basic could be earned with the current badges at the time. This was back before a Justice Points/Valor Points had weekly cap and you earned them by killing current content. Raids who got further had more badges. It was overall an experiment with the tiers. This however was my favorite


Tier 10: Shadowblade’s Battlegear/Sanctified Shadowblade’s Battlegear/ Heroic

Source: Icecrown Citadel

The Leaper. I hated this set when it was current and I had to wear it because it was my best in slot gear.


Tier 11: Wind Dancer’s Regalia / Heroic

Source: Bastion of Twilight/Blackrock Descent

This was the start of 10 man & 25 man raiding sharing the exact same loot so therefore the tier was the same color. I appreciated this because I was raiding with a bunch of alts in a 10 man. I could not commit to the guild’s normal raid schedule at that point. My favorite is the normal mode of the 2 colors.


Tier 12: Vestments of the Dark Phoenix/ Heroic

Source: Firelands


Tier 13: Blackfang Battleweave LFR/Normal/Heroic

Source: Dragon Soul

This was the start of the Raid Finder tier.


Tier 14: Battlegear of the Thousandfold Blades LFR/ Normal/Heroic

Source: Heart of Fear & Terrace of Endless Spring


Tier 15: Nine-Tail Battlegear LFR/Normal/Heroic

Source: Throne of Thunder

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Daily Journal: The slacker returns

Barren Trees
Barren Trees (Photo credit: Bernzilla)


Been slacking on my daily journaling again although I’ve started playing more with photography and instagram. Working slightly on another WoW Fashionista post… Reviewing the history of Tier designs. Played with RL friends today… Basically did the Barrens quests on the alts.


Hunterbook has 18 days left on her Leatherworking patterns cool down.


Shammybook has 43 more glyphs to learn.


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Tier 15 Armor Fashionista

Tier 15 Armor Fashioista

Yes I know late start on this one as Tier 16 is already getting some previews, but better late than never.

Screenshot_6_16_13_1_13_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_1_14_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_1_15_PM Death Knight – All-Consuming Maw
I love that it’s not in shades of black. Hate the teeth on this thing.
Rate : Thumbs Down

Screenshot_6_16_13_2_43_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_44_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_45_PM Druid – Haunted Forest
Does appear to be a creapy forest, but very dark for my likes.
Rate: Thumbs Down

Screenshot_6_16_13_2_46_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_46_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_47_PM Hunter – Saurock Stalker
Are those eyes on the belts? Ok, but not a favorite.
Rate: Meh.

Regalia_of_the_Chromatic_Hydra_-_Item_Set_-_World_of_Warcraft-2 Screenshot_6_16_13_2_49_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_49_PM Mage – Chromatic Hydra
❤ one of my favorites gold & blue
Rate: Thumbs Up

Screenshot_6_16_13_2_50_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_51_PM Fire-Charm_Armor_-_Item_Set_-_World_of_WarcraftMonk – Fire-Charm
Why do I want to put a monk in a skirt? Overall I like.
Rate: Thumbs Up

Screenshot_6_16_13_2_52_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_53_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_54_PM Paladin – Lightening Emperor
I like except for the helm. What is up with the glowing crotch on the belt? (may not show here)
Rate: Meh

Regalia_of_the_Exorcist_-_Item_Set_-_World_of_Warcraft Screenshot_6_22_13_12_07_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_10_AM Priest – Exorcist
Extinguished Candles on the Shoulder are interesting, but in a WHAT THE #%^*? way. And do we need more cowbell??
Rate: Thumbs Down

Screenshot_6_22_13_12_13_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_14_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_15_AMRogue – Nine-tail
Do we have fur? I like the belt. Shoulders are surprisingly simple. Is that a cat face?
Rate: Undecided

Screenshot_6_22_13_12_17_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_19_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_20_AM Shaman – Witch Doctor
WHAT THE #%^*? Dragon heads on hornpoints. Kinda like the belt.
Rate: Thumbs Down

Screenshot_6_22_13_12_25_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_24_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_26_AMWarlock – Thousandfold Hells
Like the Dress. Demonic icon helm.
Rate: Thumbs Up

Screenshot_6_22_13_12_28_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_29_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_31_AMWarrior – Last Mogu
OMG. I love it. Especially the LFR version in white & gold. Why can’t I have this set for my holy pally? Or actually learn to play my warrior (only one lower in level is my mage.)

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Tier 13 Fashionista — Death Knights

Finally a month behind the times we get to see what the Tier 13 DK looks like. It apparently had to go back because the first design did not come out well. I can only think that the first design was absolutely horrid, because this is a step up to “meh.” The title is “Necrotic Bone” and what can I say about that being an ICU nurse? Need more black… I’m beginning to think that no one in Blizzard’s art world picks up a medical photo book. There’s bone there, but it’s not necrotic. The official blog states they were trying to downplay the use of skulls. Well if you ignore the belt & the helm then they succeeded.

What’s going on with the purple & the green? Ugly if you ask me. The blue set is ruined by the brown section even though it got the blue glow to match the rest of the set. The red got the fiery glow to match that set as well.

You know? The more I look at it I go from “meh, I don’t care” to “Ugh, ugly.” Oh well, Tier 10 Transmog.