WoW Fashionista: Rogue raiding tier Review

I’m using a female pandaren model since that’s what my character Book is now. 🙂 Tier 1: Nightslayer Armor Source: Molten Core I hate the “soup bowl” shoulders. Overall it was a decent stab at the first tier design. The chest is quite menacing as befitting a rogue. This was back in the day of… Continue reading WoW Fashionista: Rogue raiding tier Review

Daily Journal: The slacker returns

  Been slacking on my daily journaling again although I’ve started playing more with photography and instagram. Working slightly on another WoW Fashionista post… Reviewing the history of Tier designs. Played with RL friends today… Basically did the Barrens quests on the alts.   Hunterbook has 18 days left on her Leatherworking patterns cool down.… Continue reading Daily Journal: The slacker returns

Tier 15 Armor Fashionista

Tier 15 Armor Fashioista Yes I know late start on this one as Tier 16 is already getting some previews, but better late than never. Death Knight – All-Consuming Maw I love that it’s not in shades of black. Hate the teeth on this thing. Rate : Thumbs Down Druid – Haunted Forest Does appear… Continue reading Tier 15 Armor Fashionista

MoP Fashionista: Druid Challenge Mode

Druid challenge mode gear. I think there’s a graphical error in the file for the green one. Can we say shiney gold abs? Anyway not liking this quite as much as I did Tier 13 for druids.

Tier 13 Fashionista — Death Knights

Finally a month behind the times we get to see what the Tier 13 DK looks like. It apparently had to go back because the first design did not come out well. I can only think that the first design was absolutely horrid, because this is a step up to “meh.” The title is “Necrotic… Continue reading Tier 13 Fashionista — Death Knights

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Priests

What I first thought of when I saw this were the terrifying stone angels in the Doctor Who episode “Blink.”  Grifiend stated that they look like The Big O (which I had to go look up as I’m pretty much an anime newb even though I associate with @Quutar). I agree but it wasn’t what… Continue reading Tier 13 Fashionista — The Priests

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Paladins

Dear Paladins, I’m jealous. I want this. But then again since my paladin alt is currently level 64 it is possible for me to get her leveled & into the LFR to get at least the beginner Tier 13. You get wings made of plate metal with pretty gems inlaid in. They wings could have been… Continue reading Tier 13 Fashionista — The Paladins

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Mages

This is one of my top 3 of the Tier 13 sets. Mage, Paladin & Priest won me for Tier 13. The mages were the first one that I saw that I said “I WANT!” One day some fully tiered mage is going to be sapped & I’m going to walk away with those robes…… Continue reading Tier 13 Fashionista — The Mages