Daily Journal: The slacker returns

Barren Trees

Barren Trees (Photo credit: Bernzilla)


Been slacking on my daily journaling again although I’ve started playing more with photography and instagram. Working slightly on another WoW Fashionista post… Reviewing the history of Tier designs. Played with RL friends today… Basically did the Barrens quests on the alts.


Hunterbook has 18 days left on her Leatherworking patterns cool down.


Shammybook has 43 more glyphs to learn.


Tier 15 Armor Fashionista

Tier 15 Armor Fashioista

Yes I know late start on this one as Tier 16 is already getting some previews, but better late than never.

Screenshot_6_16_13_1_13_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_1_14_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_1_15_PM Death Knight – All-Consuming Maw
I love that it’s not in shades of black. Hate the teeth on this thing.
Rate : Thumbs Down

Screenshot_6_16_13_2_43_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_44_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_45_PM Druid – Haunted Forest
Does appear to be a creapy forest, but very dark for my likes.
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Screenshot_6_16_13_2_46_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_46_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_47_PM Hunter – Saurock Stalker
Are those eyes on the belts? Ok, but not a favorite.
Rate: Meh.

Regalia_of_the_Chromatic_Hydra_-_Item_Set_-_World_of_Warcraft-2 Screenshot_6_16_13_2_49_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_49_PM Mage – Chromatic Hydra
❤ one of my favorites gold & blue
Rate: Thumbs Up

Screenshot_6_16_13_2_50_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_51_PM Fire-Charm_Armor_-_Item_Set_-_World_of_WarcraftMonk – Fire-Charm
Why do I want to put a monk in a skirt? Overall I like.
Rate: Thumbs Up

Screenshot_6_16_13_2_52_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_53_PM Screenshot_6_16_13_2_54_PM Paladin – Lightening Emperor
I like except for the helm. What is up with the glowing crotch on the belt? (may not show here)
Rate: Meh

Regalia_of_the_Exorcist_-_Item_Set_-_World_of_Warcraft Screenshot_6_22_13_12_07_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_10_AM Priest – Exorcist
Extinguished Candles on the Shoulder are interesting, but in a WHAT THE #%^*? way. And do we need more cowbell??
Rate: Thumbs Down

Screenshot_6_22_13_12_13_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_14_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_15_AMRogue – Nine-tail
Do we have fur? I like the belt. Shoulders are surprisingly simple. Is that a cat face?
Rate: Undecided

Screenshot_6_22_13_12_17_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_19_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_20_AM Shaman – Witch Doctor
WHAT THE #%^*? Dragon heads on hornpoints. Kinda like the belt.
Rate: Thumbs Down

Screenshot_6_22_13_12_25_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_24_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_26_AMWarlock – Thousandfold Hells
Like the Dress. Demonic icon helm.
Rate: Thumbs Up

Screenshot_6_22_13_12_28_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_29_AM Screenshot_6_22_13_12_31_AMWarrior – Last Mogu
OMG. I love it. Especially the LFR version in white & gold. Why can’t I have this set for my holy pally? Or actually learn to play my warrior (only one lower in level is my mage.)

MoP Fashionista: Druid Challenge Mode

Druid challenge mode gear. I think there’s a graphical error in the file for the green one. Can we say shiney gold abs? Anyway not liking this quite as much as I did Tier 13 for druids.




Tier 13 Fashionista — Death Knights

Finally a month behind the times we get to see what the Tier 13 DK looks like. It apparently had to go back because the first design did not come out well. I can only think that the first design was absolutely horrid, because this is a step up to “meh.” The title is “Necrotic Bone” and what can I say about that being an ICU nurse? Need more black… I’m beginning to think that no one in Blizzard’s art world picks up a medical photo book. There’s bone there, but it’s not necrotic. The official blog states they were trying to downplay the use of skulls. Well if you ignore the belt & the helm then they succeeded.

What’s going on with the purple & the green? Ugly if you ask me. The blue set is ruined by the brown section even though it got the blue glow to match the rest of the set. The red got the fiery glow to match that set as well.

You know? The more I look at it I go from “meh, I don’t care” to “Ugh, ugly.” Oh well, Tier 10 Transmog.

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Priests

What I first thought of when I saw this were the terrifying stone angels in the Doctor Who episode “Blink.”  Grifiend stated that they look like The Big O (which I had to go look up as I’m pretty much an anime newb even though I associate with @Quutar). I agree but it wasn’t what first pop’ed in my mind.  The spiky setting sun is a great touch.  The only changed I really noticed between the male & female models was the female mask showed the chin while the male did not showing the goatee of the mask instead. I enjoy the masks on the shoulders.

The yellow one is my favorite. Really not feeling the purple version. I’m probably one of the few people who don’t care for a purple/red color combination. I could never be a red hat society member unless they allowed me to wear black instead of purple (heck I’ll probably be driving a motorcycle if I make it to 50).

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Paladins

Dear Paladins, I’m jealous. I want this. But then again since my paladin alt is currently level 64 it is possible for me to get her leveled & into the LFR to get at least the beginner Tier 13. You get wings made of plate metal with pretty gems inlaid in. They wings could have been smaller, but overall they still work.

Guess what guys, NO SKIRT! I always think it’s weird to see a skirt in mêlée. Druids get a pass since if you’re in mêlée usually you’re in kitty or bear form (Let’s put a skirt on a bear!…. On second thought let’s not). But ret & prot pallys in skirts make me want to say “Get in the back & heal.”

The ladies are showing the bare midriff. While for art work it looks gorgeous. But you know stomach wounds are nasty….

Also they slightly changed the chest artwork for the ladies to have the horns encircle the breasts. While October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month (SAVE THE BOOBIES!), this is a little disconcerting in the way they are designed. I’m a little weirded out by them.

I saw some people comment on the boots looking like the backs were made of leather. My response? More comfort. Do you really want to be walking around in metal boots all day? Just slap some plate segments on the important parts & walk around in some very comfortable leather! (this ad is brought to you by the Leather is Better Rogue department)

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Mages

This is one of my top 3 of the Tier 13 sets. Mage, Paladin & Priest won me for Tier 13. The mages were the first one that I saw that I said “I WANT!” One day some fully tiered mage is going to be sapped & I’m going to walk away with those robes… & the shoulders & the helm & the gloves…. I might be nice & leave him his pants…. Nah! Who am I kidding those would be gone as well. With a name like Timelord I want a blue police box to go along with it.

Look at that lovely quilting. Looks like they let the kindergartner sew up the side on this one, but they kept the thread close to the same color, but just the sides you have the lovely quilting to distract you.  I found a mistake on the female model you can see the bra on the base skin in the cleavage opening & it’s even worse in the back. Bad form there.

I love the techno goggles helm. There is an issue with the seam where the helm & the chest meets in the back, but overall I think they tried to make it seem as the helm & chest piece were a single piece if you can ignore that line that just a little off..

Those Cogwheels on those shoulders move! I guess you guys can tell my main’s an engineer and a gnomish one at that.

The reddish top one is my favorite, but I love all the color schemes.

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Hunters

The hunters. One that I’m not looking at personally as one of my 85 classes. But maybe before the end of this expansion. She’s already 51 & I’ve got lots of heirlooms on her. So if I put my mind to it I could probably have her leveled & geared enough for the looking for raid group. My problem is that I have ADD with my alts. I can’t consistently level one or the other. It’s just kinda “I feel like healing dungeons” or “I feel like tanking dungeons” or “I feel like questing now.” Anyway on to the fashion critique.


This is named Wyrmstalker & I was talking to a hunter who was ecstatic over them bringing back the stalker to hunter gear. Overall, I’d say I like it. It’s not one of my very favorite out of the Tier 13, but it’s not one I hate either. It looks not to be leather or mail, but of scales. The artwork on the boots I have no clue if that is supposed to be mail or scales or what. It looks like a bit of bad artwork for the boot base.


I’d say the silver one (bottom) is my favorite of the colors, followed by the burgundy one (top), then the purple one (middle) is my least favorite of the three.