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Tools of WoW Investigation: WoWJuju

While I can spout off such things as what is the basic stat you want (ie Agilty, Strength, Intellect) for each spec a lot of the “finer” details I have to research. So I thought I’d share some sources I currently use.

WoW Juju http://www.wowjuju/repcalc

Great for calculating rep needed till Exalted. Yep I know most of my sites are focued on dps/gear/raiding, but that’s what most of the sites available out there are for.  Wow Juju also gives you some clue as to how to accomplish this. For example, pulling Book up shows she now needs 3 more Firelands complete clears (2 for heroic) to make it to Exalted with Avengers of Hyjal.

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WoW Fashionista: Rogue Tier review

My likes

Rogue Tier 2Probably the most iconic of the rogue tiers is actually Tier 2 Bloodfang out of Blackwing Lair. The rogue in Craft of War BLIND wore it. It got recolored blue for Outlands dungeons.







Rogue Tier 5Tier 5 Deathmantle is seen more with the goblin rogue gracing the cataclysm loading screens wearing it. You definitely don’t want to turn around & see this behind you in a dark ally.







Rogue Tier 7Tier 7/7.5 Bonescythe holds a special place in my heart. At level  57 (I was a Wrath Baby and this was right before Ulduar came out) a friend said for me to take a look at level 60 tier gear find something you like & I’ll run you through for XP & a chance to get some gear. So I found Wowpedia & looked at the level 60 gear & wanted the Tier 3 which research quickly showed me was no longer available. Tier 7.5 was also my first tier when I hit 80.






Rogue Tier 9 AllianceTier 9 Alliance was my first “current” tier set. While 7.5 was my first tier set, it was right after Tier 8/8.5 was released. Tier 9 was the first I got while it was current. I love the scrolling work. I did dislike the helm, but turn off display helm & I loved the look. I also like that whether 10man, heroic10man/normal25man or heroic25man it all looked the same. You could have the 10man boots with the 25man chest & it all matched.






My hates

Rogue Tier 2.5Tier 2.5 Deathdealer’s – Ok I’m pretty sure then entire AQ tier is going to be on my hate list for each class. The bug carapace is just ugly. Bonus points for sticking with a theme even if they couldn’t make it pretty.







Rogue Tier 4Tier 4 Netherblade – very Owlish. Are we Nite Owl from the Watchmen???








Rogue Tier 8Tier 8/8.5 – The start of some truly ugly helms. I am not a Sontaran.








Rogue Tier 10Tier 10/10.5 – This is probably the first set I was paying attention to for the previews. I looked at it & just hated it. I think I said “I AM NOT a Leaper!”






My Meh’s

Rogue Tier 1Tier 1 Nightslayer – while I don’t like the shoulders. The rest is okay. Soupbowl shoulders anyone? Just flip them over & it’s meal time.








Rogue Tier 6Tier 6 Slayers – A solid design, but one that doesn’t set off my OMG WANT!!!! factor. And the helm? They made it cloth & gave it to the Zul’Aman dps cloth helm.







Rogue Tier 9 HordeTier 9 Horde – A nice design but not one I ultimately loved or hated. Just sorta meh it’s there.








Rogue Tier 11Tier 11 – Not one in which I was attracted. They did a nice job with the djinn look. The chest looked like a corset. The overall look was one I neither hated nor loved.







Rogue Tier 11-12HeroicTier 12 – Again not one I hated, but not anything I was excited about.

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What I’m looking forward to in patch 4.3

My boy being pretty
Image by Tatiana Mik via Flickr

With patch 4.3 just around the corner, I thought I’d mention which features in 4.3 I’m looking forward to.

  1. Raid Finder – While Book & possibly Nature may see normal mode, most of my  3 alts (probably 4 or 5 by the end of this ex-pac) will only see Raid Finder version of the Dragon Soul. But like most new things, I’ll probably avoid it for the first two weeks for people to get past the learning curve.
  2. Transmogrification – My last tier set that I actually liked was Tier 9. Hated 10 & 13. Didn’t care about 11 & 12 as they were ok. Plus you hit that really awkward clashing phase between tiers. Believe me the Tier 12 pants really didn’t go with the Tier 11 shoulders. I’ll be rolling in either Blue Bloodfang or Tier 7.5. Who cares that I’ll have a mixture of Firelands normal(red)/heroic(purple) gear, it will look like Valorous Bonescythe.
  3. Void Storage – My poor bank! There is no space left. Things are sitting in my bags because I don’t have room for them in my bank. This will be a much needed relief for my bag situation because I’m function with basically 11 bag slots.
  4. Darkmoon Faire – The old Darkmoon Faire was showing it’s age. Games aren’t really fun anymore after a few plays. Want to earn tickets? Go buy a pair of Green Pants off the AH & turn it in…. Or go farm up the mats & craft it for a turn in…. Not fun in the current state of MMO gaming. The new DMF has games that look like fun yes still carnival. Ring Toss? Cannon shoot? You play games to win tickets. Your redeem tickets for prizes. Oh, yay! I’m at Chuck’e’Cheese! But I like these prizes better. Mounts!, pets!, old dungeon tier replicas!, heirloom gear! (hey you could get heirloom gear without having an 80-85 to grind out JP). Also you have professions dailies that award +5 skill points as well as tokens. So good way to skill up professions IE my enchanter & my jewel crafter 35 free skill up points in a week with DMF. Not only is is primary professions, but Archeology, Cooking, Fishing & First Aid also get +5 skill up points for their quests.
  5. new dungeons – I’ve made no secret of the fact I’m sick of the Zul dungeons. We’ve been running them since 4.1 (April 26, 2011) . Same TWO dungeons. For four character’s gear. If you wanted valor points these 2 dungeons would get you to the weekly cap. No other way to reach cap outside of raiding.  At this point of the expansion dungeons aren’t for getting the gear out of them. They are for getting the Justice Points/Valor Points to purchase the best purchasable gear you have access to. Zul’Aman & Zul’Gurub drops i353 gear. Tier 11 normal drops i359. You can purchase i359 gear for Justice Points & i378 gear for Valor Points. Why grind a i346 or i353 level drop when in 29 boss kills or less (assuming you have guild perks give you 77 JP per heroic boss) you can easily purchase a shiny i359 piece that outclasses dungeon drops? And those Valor Points I talked about currently gets you 378 gear (though soon those will be available for JP & VP will get you 397 gear come patch 4.3).
    We’re getting THREE new dungeons in this patch. And it will drop 378 gear, same currently as the Firelands normal raid. So if a few days of dungeon farming you can get the equivalent of what I’ve been working since June on. Granted I’ve got a few pieces of Heroic Firelands gear which is still superior to the new dungeons, but basically within a week or two things will have changed.

What I’m not looking forward to is the possibility of being in this patch for the next year. Mist of Panderia isn’t even in Friends & Family Alpha yet & it will be in Beta for at least 6 months (or at least that’s my guess). My guess is December 2012 for release at the earliest.

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Rogue’s Gallery Update

I’m feeling an urge to do my periodic update on Book & the Library of Books…. So to reference the old posts.

World of Warcraft

Book‘s 85, Assassination. She’s mostly in Firelands gear for the visible gear except for the shoulders. Just saw the Tier 13 designs. Hated it. Being the only rogue in my 10 man team I’ll be stuck with the heirloom daggers.

World of Warcraft

TatianaSeray is 33 still. Protection. Her heirlooms are currently on Holy though.

World of Warcraft

Bookocurses is 85 & sadly lacking gear. She’s eligible for Zul’s but that’s about it (i355). She gets kicked from groups there for her low dps so I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong. Her gear is supposedly Tier 11 Heroic capable. She’s Demonology/Affliction. Destro just seemed too weird this expansion.

World of Warcraft

Bankbook. permanently level 4 it seems. But she’s a hard worker at that auction house.

World of Warcraft

Booktrey is level 62, Protection. In a phase where lowbie tanking was very difficult I swore off tanking, she’s a questing only toon, but she’s protection. That shield? Oh yeah like 185 honor. Won an AV & got enough honor for it in 1 game.

World of Warcraft

Shepardbook is 65 now. Discipline/Shadow. I gave up the 10% xp for the BOA archeology chest since it has a TON of intellect. Oh & she hasn’t quested other than dungeon quests since she was 15.

World of Warcraft

Naturebook is 85, Boomkin/Resto. She’s back in Veritas currently. In a mishmash of gear, but it’s the best I could get my hands on. She’s currently running Firelands. Yes & those are PvP shoulders because this season’s PvP shoulders were better than the Zul’s shoulders & she never could seem to get other shoulders.

World of Warcraft

Badbook is 85. Blood/Unholy.  According to charts her gear is Firelands normal ready, but there’s still a lot of JP gear she could use & I’m not doing hardly any dungeons in on her for VP.

World of Warcraft

Holybook is 60. Protection/Retribution. Dungeons are kinda fun on her tanking again between the threat fixes & the heirloom tanking gear I pulled off Tatiana. Well & she was the first one I pulled the PvP for 185 honor for the shield for. Looks like she won’t really replace it till mid-BC levels. For her it was 2 battlegrounds.

World of Warcraft

Shiftybook is 15. She’s feral, just don’t ever seem to have time for her… Poor thing.

World of Warcraft

Hunterbook is 46. Beastmastery. She’s on my 2nd account. Yes, that is a purple crocolisk she has. It was a rare in Dustwallow.

World of Warcraft

Magebook is 25. Frost. Gets no love either.

World of Warcraft

Shammybook is 27. Elemental. I may take her Ele/Resto in 3 more levels & see how I like resto.

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Gearing up my Balance Druid – Naturebook

Image via Wikipedia

Ok. Looking more at gearing up my Balance Druid with a Resto offspec. Firelands raid drops

Molten Front dailies
Bastion of Twilight
Blackwing Descent
Justice Points
Valor Points
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Gearing Up Book in 4.2

front of corset by busk
Image via Wikipedia

This is kinda my wish list for Book. Although I’m sure it could be helpful reference for an Assassination rogue. I did leave out Tier 11 Heroic modes items. And what does the corset image have to do with anything you ask? Nothing Nothing at all.

Avengers of Hyjal Reputation gear (only in Firelands raid)

Valor Points items (which you can now max out with 7 runs a week through the troll dungeons)
Firelands dalies
Honor Gear
  • Vicious Gladiator’s Shiv – 950 honor while this seems cheap, you can’t purchase it until you’ve earned 7250 honor total this season
Fireland Raid Drops