Disney Magic Kingdoms number crunching experiment with Goofy

Since I have been playing Disney Magic Kingdoms for a while now, I’ve been working on a few assumptions, so I decided to crunch some numbers to test my assumptions. See my OCD is attacking. It’s a vicious master. I worked with Goofy since I had him at maximum level and because he was also… Continue reading Disney Magic Kingdoms number crunching experiment with Goofy

WoW: Fashionista Priest

I’ve always loved this set from the moment it was announced. Honestly when I got her to max level and capable of running normal Dragon Soul, I got this in about 1 run because everyone else in the run already had the pieces. My priestess. I’ve always liked this set. pic.twitter.com/bxrtvFlkrt — Book (@tanyabook) July… Continue reading WoW: Fashionista Priest

Beta Booked: Alliance Garrison Follower Bruma Swiftstone

Bruma Swiftstone Class/Spec: Subtlety Rogue Abilities: Evasion (Counters Massive Strike) Traits: Inscritpion – Allows this follower to be assigned to the Scribe’s Quarters Obtained: From Garrison Mission Killing the Corrupted. Quality: Uncommon Along with Shelly Hamby this seems like we have too similar of followers.