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Evaluating my World of Warcraft Quest Log for Book

This is just mainly a gathering of my wits to see which are the easiest to do at this time, which I need help with, where I need to go and is it worth it. Current goals in game for my toon Book on Earthen Ring. (WoW Armory link)

  • Collect lots of pets
  • Get Ambassador title. Already exalted with Ironforge, Stormwind & Darnassus. Still need Gnomes (14,955/21,000) & Exodar (8,780/21,000).
  • Loremaster title (it will be a while yet, but I’m 420/700 for the Eastern Kingdom & for 240/700 Kalimdor)
  • Level
  • Explorer title (it will still be a while yet)
  • Grand Master in professions (Master skinner already, Artisan Master Herbalist, Artisan First Aid, Expert Fisherman, Expert Cooking)


  • Ambassador of Evil (yellow)- Will be doing soon. I did Angor Fortress solo before I got the quest so I could lockpick boxes.
  • The Star, The Hand, The Heart (yellow, group) – I got the one in Alterac Mountains solo, I still need the ones from Theramore & Stranglethorne Vale.
  • Tremors of the Earth (orange) – I’ve gotten the Sign of the Earth, Amethyst Runestone & Opal Runestone so far. From reading when i use the 3 runestones it will spawn 2 level 50 dragons, which at this point I CANNOT solo (Level 46 Rogue). But it will give me a good leather chestpiece as a reward.


Dustwallow Marsh

  • Mission to Mudsprocket (green) – just have to go there
  • …and Bugs (green, completed) – have to go to Swamp of Sorrows to actually get the stuff then return to Theramore


  • Arcane Runes (red) – Actually done in Azshara. Book would probably get eaten alive right now in this area


Stonetalon Mountains

  • Reclaiming the Charred Vale (grey) – Travel to see Falfindel Waywarder on the border of Thousand Needles and Feralas. This I was keeping around to do just for the Rep. Yes it’s only 63, but still that’s 63 points of rep with each faction.

Stormwind City

  • Mazen’s Behest (green)  – collect book from Swamp of Sorrow & deliver it to Nethergard Keep

Strangelthorne Vale


Thousand Needles

  • The Brassbolts Brothers (yellow, dungeon) – apparently this is a talk to someone leading to a Zul’Farrak quest


  • The Hidden Chamber (green, dungeon) – I did Uldaman with a pickup group, but I didn’t get this one done because I was tired & hungry and 1 second after the last boss died I got killed by an add on so I just called it quits since everyone else was “done” according to their thinking.
  • Find the Gems (green, dungeon) – I managed to solo the Topaz, but couldn’t get he sapphire or the ruby
  • Reclaimed Treasures (green) – This one is outside the entrance to the instance so I might could solo it. Haven’t tried yet.


  • Tran’rek (yellow, dungeon) -Though it’s listed as a dungeon, this part is just speak to someone in Gadgetzan to get the quest in the dungeon.
  • Tabetha’s Task (yellow, dungeon) – Again though it is listed as dungeon this is just pointing me to someone to go get the dungeon quest