WoW: Fashionista Priest

I’ve always loved this set from the moment it was announced. Honestly when I got her to max level and capable of running normal Dragon Soul, I got this in about 1 run because everyone else in the run already had the pieces. My priestess. I’ve always liked this set. — Book (@tanyabook) July… Continue reading WoW: Fashionista Priest

Played around a bit on WoD Beta

I played around a bit on World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Beta thanks to a friend. I made a premade hunter. The lack of serpent sting taking up a keybind is a bit weird. Because I have my pattern memorized with survival hunter and having that button difference is strange. Also the lack of an interrupt is… Continue reading Played around a bit on WoD Beta

Daily Journal: What I’ve been up to

I haven’t posted in quite a while. What I’ve been up to lately: Playing Diablo 3 Still raiding in World of Warcraft Putting together outfits in the Covet Fashion app (hey it’s paper dolls to go) Playing with my new Pebble Watch Working I’ve also published a few books on the iBooks store. They are… Continue reading Daily Journal: What I’ve been up to

Alt Appreciation #PriestWeek

I’ve been slacking on doing my last alt class. My baby priest is one I enjoyed in Cataclysm. I just haven’t found enough time to play her to my liking. She’s on the 3000 valor points portion of the quest for her legendary cloak. Related articles Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek  

Daily Journal: Want to do vs Actually do

  I want to do many things. I want to gear all my World of Warcraft characters. I want to finish the hunter book. I want to farm all the mounts I don’t have. I want to level the last 2 classes I don’t have at 90. I want to level my horde characters. I… Continue reading Daily Journal: Want to do vs Actually do

Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek

Still catching up with Alt Appreciation. This week is Paladins. My new main alt is my Paladin. Like I’ve said in previous posts my main stays the same, but my main alt rotates. Holybook started as a dranaei, but I was wanting to change her to human so I did when there was a sale… Continue reading Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek