I was born a traveling (wo)man

Traveling this year. I’ve already had 6 trips. Yes some of these were quick jaunts to my parents. One was a weekend trip to the Bahamas. A few were with S in Memphis. Last year 13 of my trips were work related (travel nurse) when I was booking a hotel every week. Hard to believe… Continue reading I was born a traveling (wo)man

Twitter Rambling summary

Just my random twitter scribblings. Twitter helps with making a really random blog post. 03:18 I am so tired at work tonight. # 12:48 SL Fash Note: Lacie- RFL: (Caroline‚Äôs) Pearl Leaf Gold Collection OPIUM Everyday – .. tinyurl.com/66h3s8 # 14:44 Itch, itch, itch. I am going nuts! # 15:38 OMG. I just got an… Continue reading Twitter Rambling summary