November 2nd and I’ve already missed the first day of NaBloPoMo In the business of life, I’ve missed the first day of National Blog Posting Month. I worked my last shift at Wellstar Paulding. I’m at the airport in ATL waiting for my flight so I can go to Blizzcon 2016. I’m going to try… Continue reading NaBloPoMo

For the boys

I am trying a premixed oil blends for the cats. Bully Remedy is for Hudson. Self Esteem is for McD. Peacemaker is for both.

Alt Appreciation #PriestWeek

I’ve been slacking on doing my last alt class. My baby priest is one I enjoyed in Cataclysm. I just haven’t found enough time to play her to my liking. She’s on the 3000 valor points portion of the quest for her legendary cloak. Related articles Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek  

Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek

Still catching up with Alt Appreciation. This week is Paladins. My new main alt is my Paladin. Like I’ve said in previous posts my main stays the same, but my main alt rotates. Holybook started as a dranaei, but I was wanting to change her to human so I did when there was a sale… Continue reading Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek

Alt Appreciation #MonkWeek

The new kid on the Alt block. Shubook, she’s still leveling, but she’s in her 80’s. Shu is Mandarin for Book (at least according to the online translator). So she’s sort of Book Book. I really like the class design philosophy. It’s like Rogue 2.0. Related articles Alt Appreciation #WarriorWeek Alt Appreciation: Monk week Alt… Continue reading Alt Appreciation #MonkWeek