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Daily Journal: Isolation and depression

Read the magnet. via tatianamik
Read the magnet. via tatianamik

One of the major feelings of depressions is isolation. This makes things worse for me. I am isolated. I am 1150 miles from home. I am 1160 miles from my best friends. It would take me 20 hours of driving time to get there. That’s 0 stops and praying traffic is decent in the cities. It was like 24 hours on the trip here. I make use of various things, texts, Skype, Ventrillo with my guild, Facebook, twitter to keep in some form of communication.  I have the cats but they are just not the same as human contact.  I don’t make close friends easily. There are many people I am friendly with, but none that are close as my 3 best friends. We can be apart for years, but the minute we’re back together we’re just the same as we were. I miss that. We were together for a while, but now life is spreading us out again.  But the fact that I work as a travel and I’m so temporary in an area complicates the isolation of the depression. Plus I’m night shift. I’m asleep while everyone else is awake. I’m awake when everyone else is asleep. The isolation is pretty well a fact of life. Some days I feel more connected to characters in fictional stories than I do real people. I see more of their lives. I think this is part of the reason I prefer TV shows over movies. I get to spend longer with the characters. I get into their lives. I spend a lot of time with audiobooks as well. Comments help, it’s like starting a conversation. I know someone is listening and wants to communicate.

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May Birchbox Unboxing: Beauty Diaries

This month’s Birchbox theme was beauty Diaries. The ink pen was intriguing thing to find in a beauty box. It writes well. I like the smell of the perfume. I remember when Isaac Mizrahi designed for Target. Clothes actually fit like they should! I’m in love with the Beauty Protector Leave in Conditioner. It came with a “Beauty Diaries” card encouraging you to tweet. So here’s mine.

I’m off to work now. If you decide to join Birchbox, please consider using my referral link.

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Flickr adds Twitter support

A screenshot of hot tags on Flickr.
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A little behind the times, Flickr just added Twitter support. I am waiting for the day I can use it with Tweetie. I’ve got lots of photos stored on my Flickr account. And I have used it since before Yahoo! bought the service. I have so many photos there that I paid for the service.

Right now I am using TwitPic service because with Tweetie you have a choice of either TwitPic or yfrog. While I’d love to keep all my photos together in the same location, convince wins. It is more convenient to snap a photo using Tweetie & upload directly to TwitPic than to take a photo, copy into an email then type the Twitter into the subject line & hope it is less than 160 characters.

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Twitter Rambling summary

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Just my random twitter scribblings for today.

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