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Booked’s Journal: Leaving the Wandering Isle

CSI: Westfall
CSI: Westfall

Booked has left the Wandering Isle. Her first assignment was CSI: Westfall and investigating the death of the Fulbrows. You discover there was something else you never saw in the old Deadmines. I did the old Deadmines a LOT trying to get the rogue set for Book. I remember alot of Westfall.

Watch Captain Parker who was promoted in Cataclsym from Guard
Watch Captain Parker who was promoted in Cataclsym from Guard

Started Redridge Mountains and Guard Parker s promotedwa to Watch Captain and he has a tower to command.

Waitress Darcy is now married to Guard Parker and they have a daughter, Libby.
Waitress Darcy is now married to Guard Parker and they have a daughter, Libby.

It kinda is rewarding that when you took lunch to Guard Parker from Darcy and got flowers to give to Darcy on behalf of Guard Parker that you find they are now married and have the little girl Libby.



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Daily Journal

World of Warcraft Feeds on Facebook
World of Warcraft Feeds on Facebook (Photo credit: Tatiana Mik)

Worked last night. Got started on the outline & rough draft of the Pet Battles book. I have a feeling I’m going to be working on a lot more paper here at this hospital. For the Hearthstone Book I’ve just got the formatting for the Shaman, Warlock & Warrior to go.

Also good news! The World of Warcraft book is now live!


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Daily Journal: Geeking out a bit

Project: Infinity
Project: Infinity (Photo credit: Jesse757)


My 2 predictions for the next World of Warcraft expansion were:


  • The Burning Legion – I mean Wrathion pretty much flat out said they were coming.
  • wibbly-wobbley-timey-whimy kinds of things…


Looks like I get to combine them a bit.


Basic premise of the new expansion: Garrosh escapes and with the help of a “friend” goes back in Draenor time to stop the orcs from drinking the blood of Mannoroth. He creates his new ideal of an Iron Horde.


It’s was slipped in one of the panels that the “friend” was Kariozdormu. Most of us level 90s probably know him better as Kairoz from the Timeless Isle who gives us the strange vision quests.


I’m excited to see quite a few things along with the new story.


  • New character models. There’s a possibility not all will be ready at launch, but they are quite a bit better with real facial movement. And the gnomes! the new female gnome models.
  • Garrisons. These kinda seem like a cross between the farm and SWTOR’s missions for your companions. Not really sure how the levels, qualities and adventurers are going to work out, but sounds interesting.
  • Collections. OMG I need this now. Toybox UI, Heirloom UI, being able to favorite mounts.
  • Increasing profession supplies stack size.
  • Quest items are no longer in your bag!!! I’m sold right here.


Missed a few days for NaBloPoMo, but getting back into the grove.



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Alt Appreciation #DruidWeek

More making up for Alt Appreciation that I didn’t get to before.

Naturebook one of my level 90 crew. She was my primary alt for most of Cataclysm and my first alt leveled in Mists. Though she went mostly from Balance spec to Restoration spec. I haven’t cared that much for her since Throne of Thunder and I think I’ve retired her for this expac.

Shiftybook is my level 45 Feral/Guardian druid. My intent was to have 2 druids to cover all specs. Still working on leveling her. I just don’t enjoy kitty that much.

Onebook is my level 34 druid on Thorium Brotherhood and probably my highest level character on my “horde server.” Again he is feral/guardian. I tend to like the Tauren male models better.


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Done today

Last night: Leveled Booktrey at bit. She’s now at 76. Only 4 more levels for her in Northrend.

Slept about 7 hours according to my band.

Holybook did Terrace of Endless Spring. Apparently they had wiped on Lei Shi. Got her tanking sword off the Sha of Fear.

Book – Finally found a group thanks to someone (I’m not talking to) to do Nalak. Got the quest completed. Got her meta gems. Did Nomi’s quest.

Shubook – daily monk quest.

Book – worked on Isle of Thunder dailies. Got a group for the Champions. Then did LFR Dread Approach with Legacy of the Alliance folks on my Priest.

I started taking to my friend again this evening. Shepard did all the LFRs with Blue & Sombra & Takumi except on Pinnacle she only got Lei Shen….. 4 times we queued for that and got Lei Shen every time. Finally gave up.

Shammybook- did an hour of questing in Uldum. She’s level 84 now. She’ll also soon be in Pandaland.

Booktrey – did an hour of questing in Grizzly Hills. She’s 76. Only 4 more levels till she heads to Cata zones.

How I pick which character to level: In game I’ll do a /roll 9. This gives me a random number between 1 and 9. I have a list with the character corresponding to a number.

1- warlock Bookocurses 87 worgen warlock

2- warrior Tatianaseray 51 gnome warrior

3- horde paladin Booktrey 76 blood elf paladin

4 – DK Badbook 85 gnome death knight [supposed to be leveling with a friend]

5- Shifty Shiftybook worgen druid (feral/guardian)

6- Monk Shubook 61 gnome monk

7- Hunter Hunterbook 85 dwarf hunter

8- Shaman Shammybook 84 dranei shaman

9- Mage Magebook 40 gnome mage


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Rogue’s Gallery Updated

I’m getting the urge to update about my World of Warcraft characters… Aka Book and the Library. I’ve done this quite a few times before.

First up is Book. You may notice if you go back through the old posts that she looks quite different now. She sort of got a big bonk on the head when she first arrived in Panderia and woke up looking like the locals. Since it helped her to blend in she left it be. Still specialized in Assassination with a minor in Combat.

Tatianaseray is now level 51. Fury & Prot. Still have a hard time leveling her though.

Bookocurses also looks a bit differently from my last post. She’s 86 now and a worgen. In Cataclysm all we needed was a worgen warlock to finish the guild achievement of all available races & classes at max level & honored with the guild. I had the level & rep so I paid for a race change. She’s going back Destro though with the changes to warlocks.

Bankbook resides at level 4 with major AH addons. 🙂

Booktrey now level 72. Hopefully before much longer I will have her leveled more. With the bonus XP from all her heirlooms. I’m leveling her as Prot same as Holy.

Shepardbook is up to level 90. She’s Disc/Shadow at the moment. Though I still dislike Shadow. I’ve got her up to Throne of Thunder LFR level gear. I’m going to really hate giving up that staff. It makes my Shadowfiend/Mindbender a tiny little Sha. I love it!!!!

Naturebook is also up to level 90. She’s my second best geared character so she’s kinda my second main. She’s mainspec’d Resto with a boomer offspec.

Badbook is still 85. She was my 2nd level 80 & 2nd to level 85. Still Blood/Unholy. I need to make time to level her.

Holybook is now up to level 90. She’s my third best geared character kinda my 3rd main 😀 She’s mainspec Holy with a Protection off-spec.

Shiftybook is now up to level 39. I never seem to have time to play her as well.

Shubook is new to this gallery. She’s my windwalker monk. Up to level 53 cause monks are so easy to level with the Enlightenment XP bonus.

Hunterbook is now up to level 85. Still Beastmastery.

Magebook is now up to 40. She’s Fire now. Still having problems leveling her despite my RNG pick which alt to work on seems to pick her alot.

Shammybook is now level 80. Still Elemental/Resto.

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The Queue: Out of retirement

Arrohon Jun 18th 2011 12:46PM

I want a tauren rogue.

Knob Jun 18th 2011 1:37PM

Tauren rogues already exist, they’re just very good.

Draelan Jun 18th 2011 2:23PM

Yeah. Didn’t you know? Deathwing’s appearances and the “Stood in the Fire” achievement are merely a cover for the periodic mass-slaughtering antics of a group of Tauren Rogues.

via The Queue: Out of retirement.

Something I wanted to share cause it was just too funny