Rogue Thoughts on WoD ability pruning

I’ve included the whole post as of today, but I’ll be breaking it down a bit. Ambidexterity has been removed. I had to look this one up. It’s a Passive ability for Combat that allows your off hand weapon to deal 75% more damage. Really, this is just one of those passives that clutter the… Continue reading Rogue Thoughts on WoD ability pruning

Main main, 2nd main, vs alts.

I enjoy having multiple characters to play. I tend to have my main main which is my rogue (1st character I ever created) and that doesn’t change. My 2nd main has changed every expansion. I tend to have an alt that I work on to the point that it is almost as geared as my… Continue reading Main main, 2nd main, vs alts.

WoW Fashionista: Tier 16

I ran late with the Tier 15 fashionista review. But this one shall be semi-sorta on time! First off the Layout of the images I took from WoWHead’s model viewer The Left one is Raid Finder mode. The middle image will be the model used by both Flex Raid mode and Normal mode. The right… Continue reading WoW Fashionista: Tier 16

Dagger in the Dark Scenario

The Dagger in the Dark scenario with 5.2 the Throne of Thunder became available to Alliance. So of course I had to test it out. I must say it was much shorter than the A Little Patience that the Alliance got. I’m just curious does the Horde become humans when they play that one? Or… Continue reading Dagger in the Dark Scenario


Book my main. I’ve been exhausted & working a lot lately. I sat during my guild’s kill of Wind Lord (who should have been the Blade Lord), Amber Shaper (though I did get in on a glass night), & Empress. I was feeling ok and was chosen to go to Terrace for our first night… Continue reading Book

Tools of Wow Investigation: Shadowcraft

While I can spout off such things as what is the basic stat you want (ie Agilty, Strength, Intellect) for each spec a lot of the “finer” details I have to research. So I thought I’d share some sources I currently use. Shadowcraft Rogue only dps simulator. Put in your rogue’s name, gear’s pulled… Continue reading Tools of Wow Investigation: Shadowcraft

WoW Fashionista: Rogue Tier review My likes Probably the most iconic of the rogue tiers is actually Tier 2 Bloodfang out of Blackwing Lair. The rogue in Craft of War BLIND wore it. It got recolored blue for Outlands dungeons.             Tier 5 Deathmantle is seen more with the goblin rogue gracing the cataclysm… Continue reading WoW Fashionista: Rogue Tier review

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Mages

This is one of my top 3 of the Tier 13 sets. Mage, Paladin & Priest won me for Tier 13. The mages were the first one that I saw that I said “I WANT!” One day some fully tiered mage is going to be sapped & I’m going to walk away with those robes…… Continue reading Tier 13 Fashionista — The Mages

Tier 13 Fashionista — The Rogues

As my personal main being a rogue I’ll start here. I’ve been very vocal about the Kindergarten seamstress work. If you zoom in there are leather creases which I’m cool with & leather is a hard one it seems to me for people to replicate the texture of leather. I like that it looks like… Continue reading Tier 13 Fashionista — The Rogues