How to make your own Alpha Gam popsockets

I used Alpha Gam available graphics and custom design your Popsocket from the website. I prefered the PopWallet+ so I could exchange between the set. I could also use the popsockets individually. Here are the steps I used. Go to MyAlphaGam at Click on “Brand Center” Download files from “Visual Identity & Style Guide”… Continue reading How to make your own Alpha Gam popsockets – Never Wait on Hold Again – Never Wait on Hold Again. I hate waiting on hold, but now I think I’m in love. I used Lucyphone when calling Uhaul & Comcast during my recent move. I will admit Uhaul didn’t take too well to it, but Comcast did. I just used the website or the iPhone app. I entered… Continue reading – Never Wait on Hold Again

Links of the day, mostly ones I want to keep up with

Image by Puck777 via Flickr Graph of classes in slots. I must say with the groups I play with we have plenty of Tanks & Healers but some tanks have to go DPS in Naxx. Although the Gnome Mage always wants to tank :D. I need to joke that I want to heal.  Hey I… Continue reading Links of the day, mostly ones I want to keep up with

Twitter Rambling summary

Just my random twitter scribblings for today. 01:50 Seen on the plastic plates in the cafeteria. “Microwarmable” # 03:53 4:00 am and all is well. I am ready to go home. # 17:09 A bunch of coworkers are going Sun to go see Bodies exhibit # 18:15 The Wendy’s in Buckhead has flavors to… Continue reading Twitter Rambling summary

No More Free Jott For You

Image via CrunchBase No More Free Jott For You Oh, no. Apparently according to TechCrunch, Jott will go totally paid after Feb 2. Now I’ve really enjoyed Jott, but I have been slowly using it less & less since they rolled out thier paid version. Granted I have the iPhone app. But the service is… Continue reading No More Free Jott For You