Daily Journal: Happy Turkey Day America


Atlanta (Photo credits: http://www.roadtrafficsigns.com)


Well, I’m flying today. So hopefully I can work on the pet battle book while waiting in the airport. Luckily another direct flight because my destination was Atlanta and my carrier was Delta (Atlanta is home to Delta and their main hub). Don’t worry I did get to eat my Turkey, just was yesterday instead of today. I have to work tomorrow so I had to be back today. Weather is showing no snow there. Which I’m thankful for. I’m looking forward to being back with my kitties. Hudson will be nuts.


Daily Journal: Day 9 book still not approved

Day 9 and the Hearthstone book is still not approved in the iBooks store. Yes, I’m not patient at waiting.

I did the Celestial Tournament pet battle again today. I got my 2nd pet. Chi-Chi. I think I may get the ox next.


Daily Journal: VP capping a second character

View of Catskills looking over Hudson River fr...

View of Catskills looking over Hudson River from near Rhinecliff, NY, USA, in the Hudson River Historic District, a National Historic Landmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woke up. Banfield was calling to check on Hudson. Cat’s doing fine. Being a lazy bum.

Addon updates: DBM – LibDataBroker, Tidy Plates, IceHUD, Symbiosis

Hunterbook – learned the Magnificent Hide Pack.

Shammybook – learned the Glyph of Skull Bash.

Shubook – did her daily & leveled to 64.

Naturebook – did Pinnacle of Storms. Then got dinner & did the other 3 (2 sets with Miltrath). On Dururmu I got a Phoenix Hatchling in the bag. After that I managed to get the scenarios & the barrens unlocked. I got her VP capped in all this. Plus used my Mojo on her to buy the pet. No significant upgrades.

Shepardbook – did the Barrens quest line. Got her the quest i502 boots. Also she got the Latent Kor’kron Pants. Got shoulders & helm with Book yesterday.

Hunterbook got the 1 hour leveling treatment. Also played past the reset so she learned Linked Gauntlets. She’s now 86 & in the Valley of 4 Winds.

Shammybook – learned Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah.

Book -got Agi food for a change.

Shubook. Got her monk daily done. 13 more quests to level her.

Daily Journal: Patch 5.3 launches & I have to work

Patch 5.3 hits today. I’ve already updated DBM, WIM, Tidy Plates, GTFO, BattlePetCount, CLCDK, WeakAuras, PetJournal Enhanced, Decursive & Symbiosis.

Shammybook – Minor Inscription Research learned nothing. Scroll of Wisdom learned Glyph of Hemorrhage.  Got to remember I’m done with Minor research.

Hunterbook – Magnificence of Leather learned Ironskin Spaulders.

Book – Got roped into a heroic scenario with Book by Tini. Got Tidesplitter Shoulders of the Zephyr. Will try to see if I can get a group for the new stuff tomorrow after I get up.


Vision in White by Nora Roberts

Vision in White (Bride Quartet, #1)Vision in White by Nora Roberts
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First of a quartet of books. The quartet being 4 best friend who grew up together & now run a wedding consulting/package business together.

As a rabid fan of Nora Robert’s Chesapeake Bay series & the In Death series, the start of this series was rather…. lackluster. It was ok enough for a romance novel, but just didn’t have that spark of characters that make me love the other series I have read.

Though I was amused by Bob’s lists & then Carter preceding to joke about the lists & the steps to dating, but in the end it was like “Are we following the forumla correctly?” A bit disconcerting to me.

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i never did national network tv interviews later on in life like the ones i did when i was twelve – WWdN: In Exile

i never did national network tv interviews later on in life like the ones i did when i was twelve – WWdN: In Exile

I’ve always said that Stand By Me was so successful because Rob cast four young actors who were so much like their characters, but I think it’s spooky how the four of us ended up being so much like our characters: River died too young, Corey struggled like crazy to get his personal demons under control, Jerry found success and happiness, and I’m a writer.

I’ve read this post multiple times. This is what always gets me.

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From my childhood

I was raised south of Nashville, TN so I got a lot of country music & old 60’s & 70’s rock growing up. This is a video of a song I remember from my childhood. Ode to Billy Joe. I have my own theories about what/why Billy Joe jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge for, but the songwriter herself never wrote the reason that he jumped.

I was born a traveling (wo)man

Traveling this year. I’ve already had 6 trips. Yes some of these were quick jaunts to my parents.

One was a weekend trip to the Bahamas. A few were with S in Memphis. Last year 13 of my trips were work related (travel nurse) when I was booking a hotel every week.

Hard to believe I’ve spent 17 days on the road this year. And I found out all this from TripIt. Hadn’t really payed attention to it until last night.

Book’s Quest Log

Rogue in X-Men: Evolution.
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  • Timbermaw Ally (yellow) – Kill bunch of things & return
  • Forces of Jaedenar (yellow) – Kill bunch of things & return
  • The Corruption of the Jadefire (orange) – Kill bunch of things & return
  • Verifying the Corruption (orange) – Explore certain area, Kill bunch of things & return
  • Cleansing Felwood (red) – Collect Blood Amber


  • A Call to Arms: The Plaugelands! (yellow) – report to Commandar Ashlam Valorfist at Chillwind Camp. I have the flight path so this should be fairly easy.
  • A Little Slime Goes a Long Way (yellow, complete) – just need to turn in in Ironforge, plus gives 350 Rep for the Gnomes
  • Arcane Runes (yellow) – Done in Azshara


  • Shadowshard Fragments (green, dungeon)
  • Twisted Evils (green, dungeon)
  • Vyletongue Corruption (green, dungeon)
  • The Pariah’s Instructions (yellow, dungeon)
  • Corruption of Earth & Seed (yellow, dungeon)


  • A Simple Request (yellow) – have to go to Ravenholdt Manor & speak to someone.

Stormwind City

  • Assisting Arch Druid Staghelm (yellow) – go to Darnassus & speak to someone

Sunken Temple

  • The God Hakkar (orange, dungeon)

The Hinterlands

  • Skulk Rock Clean-up (yellow) – I’ve gotten 7/10 of the Green Sludge oozes & 6/10 of the Jade Ooze killed. Just need to finish it up.
  • The Altar of Zul (yellow) – just got to run into an area & return

Again my goals:

  • Collect lots of pets
  • Get Ambassador title. Already exalted with Ironforge, Stormwind & Darnassus. Still need Gnomes (17,177/21,000) & Exodar (11,209/21,000).
  • Loremaster title (it will be a while yet, but I’m 446/700 for the Eastern Kingdom & for 230/700 Kalimdor)
  • Level 80 (now at 50!)
  • Explorer title (it will still be a while yet)
  • Grand Master in professions (Master skinner already, Master Herbalist, Artisan First Aid, Expert Artisan Fisherman, Expert Artisan Cooking)