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[Review] iPhone App: Evernote

iPhone site: same
App Store Link: [1]
Cost: Free for less than 40 MB per month; $5/mo or $45/yr for 500 MB (last month I only used 1.1 MB)
Uses: Camera, Audio
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Notes, Lots of little Notes. This is my Gmail of Notes. It can even search test within a photo. Now I know people who have multiple notebooks made on evernote and use tags religiously. The tag I use the most is “inprogress” for notes I am working on. Me, I’m more of a chaotic stream of conscious person. I don’t file my Gmail messages or label my email (unless I have the autofilter set to automatically do it). I use the search feature to just search what I’m looking for. Evernote allows me to do this with my notes. And believe me the infophile inside me is happy to keep my notes in a way that I don’t have to spend hours looking for them. The handwriting recognition and the ability to search for text in photos also set this application apart from the crowd. So just snap a photo of someone’s handwritten note. It will be searchable.

Suggestions for improvement:
-The ability to edit notes.
3 great iPhotos3 great iPhotos

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