Chua race in Wildstar

I knew I liked the Chua race in Wildstar for some reason… Before you give a Chua a quest, think carefully. #WildStar #DevsUnleashed — WildStar (@WildStar) May 9, 2014 No problem is insurmountable with sufficent application of high explosives. Now just give us female Chua.

Wildstar Beta & Heroes of the Storm Alpha

I’ve been working on 2 games today… Wildstar Beta is going along. My Chua is level 10 and my Exile Human settler is level 12 I think. I also logged into Heroes of the Storm Alpha and finished the tutorial to show the game to a friend. It’s not my style of game. I can… Continue reading Wildstar Beta & Heroes of the Storm Alpha

Alt Appreciation #PriestWeek

I’ve been slacking on doing my last alt class. My baby priest is one I enjoyed in Cataclysm. I just haven’t found enough time to play her to my liking. She’s on the 3000 valor points portion of the quest for her legendary cloak. Related articles Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek  

Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek

Still catching up with Alt Appreciation. This week is Paladins. My new main alt is my Paladin. Like I’ve said in previous posts my main stays the same, but my main alt rotates. Holybook started as a dranaei, but I was wanting to change her to human so I did when there was a sale… Continue reading Alt Appreciation #PaladinWeek

Daily Journal: Day 10, No approval email yet & we did Thanksgiving a day early

  Not that I really should expect the books to be posted this week, but I’ve started so now I’m keeping count. Day 10, iBooks not yet posted. Looks like the World of Warcraft book was downloaded 5 times yesterday. So yay for activity.   Had Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. Did a lot of… Continue reading Daily Journal: Day 10, No approval email yet & we did Thanksgiving a day early

Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek

Working more on the Alt Appreciation. This time it’s the Hunters. Hunterbook my newest level 90. She makes #8. Huntingbook my level 16 goblin hunter on Earthen Ring. She doesn’t get played very much. Huntingbook who’s level 12 on Trollbane server. One evening friends & I decided to see the Horde ending of the Panda… Continue reading Alt Appreciation #HunterWeek

Daily Journal: I’m seeing progress

I’m DONE!!!! Hearthstone book is off to the beta readers. The World of Warcraft iBook is available in the iBook’s store. It needs edits! Then I have to decide which book I’m working on next. Pet battles? Classes? Gold making? Help me pick with this survey. Please. Pretty please! Had a down moment when… Continue reading Daily Journal: I’m seeing progress

Daily Journal

Worked last night. Got started on the outline & rough draft of the Pet Battles book. I have a feeling I’m going to be working on a lot more paper here at this hospital. For the Hearthstone Book I’ve just got the formatting for the Shaman, Warlock & Warrior to go. Also good news! The… Continue reading Daily Journal

Daily Journal: My backwards life

So what am I doing today. I worked… There’s 12.5 hours (without counting travel time) gone right there. I’m 12 hours flipped from a “normal life”. My day starts at 3:00 PM when the alarm goes off…. I NEVER get up when my alarm goes off. My alarm is an abused thing. The snooze get… Continue reading Daily Journal: My backwards life

Alt Appreciation #WarriorWeek

As Alt Appreciation wraps up, I give you the class that everyone who knows me thinks I will love. Let me introduce you to my second every character. Yes, my second. Level 56 Tatianaseray. But I have 7 at level 90 you say, how can my second ever character be level 56? Well I didn’t… Continue reading Alt Appreciation #WarriorWeek