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Rogue’s Gallery Updated

I’m getting the urge to update about my World of Warcraft characters… Aka Book and the Library. I’ve done this quite a few times before.

First up is Book. You may notice if you go back through the old posts that she looks quite different now. She sort of got a big bonk on the head when she first arrived in Panderia and woke up looking like the locals. Since it helped her to blend in she left it be. Still specialized in Assassination with a minor in Combat.

Tatianaseray is now level 51. Fury & Prot. Still have a hard time leveling her though.

Bookocurses also looks a bit differently from my last post. She’s 86 now and a worgen. In Cataclysm all we needed was a worgen warlock to finish the guild achievement of all available races & classes at max level & honored with the guild. I had the level & rep so I paid for a race change. She’s going back Destro though with the changes to warlocks.

Bankbook resides at level 4 with major AH addons. ūüôā

Booktrey now level 72. Hopefully before much longer I will have her leveled more. With the bonus XP from all her heirlooms. I’m leveling her as Prot same as Holy.

Shepardbook is up to level 90. She’s Disc/Shadow at the moment. Though I still dislike Shadow. I’ve got her up to Throne of Thunder LFR level gear. I’m going to really hate giving up that staff. It makes my Shadowfiend/Mindbender a tiny little Sha. I love it!!!!

Naturebook is also up to level 90. She’s my second best geared character so she’s kinda my second main. She’s mainspec’d Resto with a boomer offspec.

Badbook is still 85. She was my 2nd level 80 & 2nd to level 85. Still Blood/Unholy. I need to make time to level her.

Holybook is now up to level 90. She’s my third best geared character kinda my 3rd main ūüėÄ She’s mainspec Holy with a Protection off-spec.

Shiftybook is now up to level 39. I never seem to have time to play her as well.

Shubook is new to this gallery. She’s my windwalker monk. Up to level 53 cause monks are so easy to level with the Enlightenment XP bonus.

Hunterbook is now up to level 85. Still Beastmastery.

Magebook is now up to 40. She’s Fire now. Still having problems leveling her despite my RNG pick which alt to work on seems to pick her alot.

Shammybook is now level 80. Still Elemental/Resto.

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Very cool

Some of the new visuals from Mists of Pandera beta.

  • I might use Glyph of Stars instead of Moonkin form. I’ve liked the gameplay of moonkin, but always hated being a huge bird.
  • Glyph of the Stag so you can use it to carry someone else. Fun.
  • Glyph of the Orca… Yay better looking aquatic form…. Oh the choices I’m going to have to make with my druid.
  • Hurricane¬†is looking wicked.
  • Faerie Swarm is looking wicked, however I’m not feral.
  • Glyph of the Treant. Trees get to be trees again.
  • You’re going to need sunglasses for Divine Shield’s animation.

Hmmm. Inscription will be able to make staffs & off hand items.

Alchemy: will be able to make Potion of Plunder to allow you to get more treasure when killing mobs. Also looks like 2 quest items will be available for the profession. Got you standard Alchemist’s potion that doesn’t disappear. Not seeing the Alchemy trinket yet.

Cooking: Many fun looking recipes including the prerequisite Pandaren Banquet.

Engineering: Cogwheels are back! Also updated helms. Scopes since there aren’t hunter staff enchants and a few guns. Also the¬†prerequisite¬†Engi trinket.

Mining: new ore, Ghost Iron, Manticyte, Trilliam

Cloth: Windwool

Elementals: Spirit of Autumn, Spirit of Spring, Spirit of Summer, Spirit of Winter, Spirit of the Season, Spirit of Harmony

Skinning: Tanji Leather & Magnificent Hide

Enchanting: Etheral Shard (Blue), Greater Mysterious Essence, Sha Crystal, Spirit Dust. Looks like just step ups from the enchants you see today.

Guild Perks: I’m not liking loosing “Have Group, Will Travel,” but I understand why they did it. They have one to reduce Transmog & Void Storage costs. I’m liking the thought of a flight point speed increase. Really liking the Time Off thought though I’m not sure if you gain rested XP faster or if it’s you get more of it. Increased chance of profession skill gain (yay!)

Darkmoon Faire: new pet & an achievement to slay the rabbit.¬†Interesting…

Gear from Heroics is iLevel 463, Normal dungeons are 425-450. Quest rewards 372-429

Mounts: a Kite String…. Very Interesting….