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MoP Fashionista: the basics of Mail & Plate


Mail sets

These are listed as reputation sets for some reason.


My favorite is the red coloration.




The yellow one looks really nice as well. No idea yet which will be the Int mail and which will be the Agi mail.

Plate sets

I’ve got one plate wearer at 85 & another at 82. For Set 1 I’m really liking the gold look, very bright & shiney. Not sure that it will work for my DK, but possibly awesome on my paladin. But overall I enjoy this set.




Set 2 I’m still deciding on. Much more sinister looking.





I enjoy the green & red, but the purple looks like it works very well for a DK.

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MoP Fashionista: the basics of Cloth & Leather

So I’m not in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandera Beta yet, but I’ve been keeping up with the armor sets that have been coming out. I must say I’m enjoying several aspects of the designs of the new sets.

Cloth sets

I love the helm with this set. Very simple yet works incredibly well with the theme. My first love was the White one.


But then I fell for the red one.


But then again the Blue one is growing on me.


Leather sets

The one is my main & my main alt’s concern (rogue + boomkin/resto druid) so I have much love & interest in these sets.

Leather 1 to me comes across as very blah. It does have a stylized Shogun Helm, but then again I’m not a big fan of that. I really disliked the Light set & also didn’t care for the Red set. However the Brown & Dark were the least offensive to my personal style & there’s very little difference here between sets so I’m just posting screenshots of the ones I liked best.



Leather set 2 was the one I was really looking forward to.


It’s got an interesting look with the single shoulder plate.


The helm I don’t really care for but it will be hidden for Book.


The hardest part may be choosing a color to wear. I want it all!


But I must say that I adore the Indigo.

References: Wowhead News

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World of Warcraft Addon: WoW-Pro Guides

WoW-Pro Guides + TomTom

I was almost certain this addon was going to be like when I tried Zygor’s Guides or Dugi’s Guides addons for World of Warcraft where you get levels 1-20 for free, but they want to to pay for 21-85, but no this one is totally free. For me it’s replacing TourGuide addon when their modules didn’t get updated with the move to Cataclysm.

I like this kinda thing because it gives me an organized to do list. I like not having to think about questing. Outlands & Northrend still follow some of the older lines of questing where going to X area of the zone, then cross over to another area & pick up a quest that sends you back to X area.

Two features I noticed when looking at this addon’s options was Auto-accept & Auto-turn-in of quests. It’s off by default, but I turned it on as I normally don’t read quest texts anyway. Yes, I know I’m horrible. But the auto feature allows me to do it in less mouse clicks.

World of Warcraft

I also like some of the sticky tasks this addon provides. This allows me to see all the steps I need to do in a given area in the World of Warcraft. I.E. pick up seeds off the ground, kill birds for the quest, plus collect feathers off said birds. I’m completing 3 quests at once. I love things that boink me over the head & make me do that.

I have 4 characters in Outlands at the moment. Outlands is better designed than Vanilla Azaroth, but was the very next generation of the questing. It’s not as smooth as Northrend of the revamped Cataclysm areas. It currently is the oldest of the designed/unrevamped areas in World of Warcraft & hence has some design problems of the area. There is no auto complete of the quests without going back to a quest giver. There aren’t even vehicle mechanics in Outlands (that was added with Wrath of the Lich King).

There’s also 3 settings level for the addon you can choose from for the level of completion of a Warcraft zone. Level 1 is complete every quest. This is great for those going for Loremaster. In fact, I plan to use this with Book working on hers. Level 2 is complete the majority of the quests in the zone. Level 3 is the minimum needed to clear the zone.

If you are already partially leveled or partway through a Warcraft zone, just pick a zone appropriate to your level. The addon learns which quests you have already done & automatically marks those quests as completed.

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I’m level 10… Where to next?

Don’t know where to go next? At any level just swing by Stormwind, Darnassus, Ironforge or Exodar for Alliance near the business districts of the city are Hero’s Call Boards. They will give you level appropriate quests to go to a zone where it is level appropriate for you to quest.

For you on the Horde side of things the Horde Cities have the equivalent called the Warchief’s Command Boards.

So now the easy answer is go to the Boards to see where you should go. (& as a tip they sometimes have different offerings on different continents). These boards work all the way up to level 85. So have fun questing.

Ask me about World of Warcraft or the Cataclysm Beta.

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Book’s Quest Log

Image by zyphichore via Flickr

Ok. Doing an update (sort of) of my previous post on my quests and their progress. Again, current goals in game for my toon Book on Earthen Ring. (WoW Armory link)

  • Collect lots of pets
  • Get Ambassador title. Already exalted with Ironforge, Stormwind & Darnassus. Still need Gnomes (16,209/21,000) & Exodar (9,908/21,000).
  • Loremaster title (it will be a while yet, but I’m 425/700 for the Eastern Kingdom & for 215/700 Kalimdor)
  • Level 80
  • Explorer title (it will still be a while yet)
  • Grand Master in professions (Master skinner already, Master Herbalist, Artisan First Aid, Expert Fisherman, Expert Cooking)


  • The Star, The Hand, The Heart (green, group) – I got the ones in Alterac Mountains & Theramore solo, I still need the one from Stranglethorne Vale.
  • Tremors of the Earth (yellow) – I’ve gotten the Sign of the Earth, Amethyst Runestone & Opal Runestone so far. From reading when i use the 3 runestones it will spawn 2 level 50 dragons, which at this point I CANNOT solo (Level 46 Rogue). But it will give me a good leather chestpiece as a reward.



  • Arcane Runes (orange) – Actually done in Azshara. Book might get eaten alive right now in this area


Rut’theran Village

Stranglethorne Vale


The Hinterlands