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Cataclysm Beta: Professions tabs

Eh…. Not going to put anything┬áspoiler y┬áin the text so don’t hit play if you don’t want to be┬áspoiled. Best if viewed in HD & full screen.

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Begining WoW

This post is being written for @devlynmoreland and her friend Chris who are still kinda new to World of Warcraft. It includes several things I wish I knew when starting.

Train about every 2 levels. I train on even levels so I can remember when I need to go in for training.

Level & quest in a dps spec for things to go faster. You can level in any spec of any class

Try different classes


  1. Tank – keeps the bad guy’s attention & absorbs damage (can’t kill stuff quickly, but can take a lot of hits)
  2. Healer – heals tanks, dps & healers (can’t kill stuff quickly, but can heal through incoming damage)
  3. DPS – damage dealers (abbreviation for damage per second; deals a lot of damage, but may not can withstand many hits)
    1. melee– up close & personal
    2. ranged – from a distance
      1. physical – hunters
      2. casters – magical ranged dps (mage, warlocks, shadow priests, elemental shamans, balance druids)

Good resources

* – best wow database online. look up items, quests, achievements, etc.
* – guide to leveling your professions quickly
* wowwiki – good place for Wow history.
* – news

Good leveling addons

* Lightheaded – so you don’t have to tab out for wowhead comments
* TomTom – points you in the right direction
* TourGuide – directs you to certain quests/areas, etc. for faster leveling
* Omen – if you’re a hunter or a warlock or do a lot of dungeons so you don’t pull aggro (a mob’s attention) off either your pet or the tank


* Melee DPS as fury or arms talent trees
* Tank as protection talent tree
* Primary stats on gear while leveling is Strength for DPS, Stamina for Tank


* Ranged Physical DPS in all talent trees: Beastmastery, Survival & Marksman
* Beastmastery is considered the best spec to use while leveling
* Primary stat is Agility
* Pets for the situation: dps pets – cat or wolf; tank pets – boar, bear or gorilla


* Ranged DPS in all talent tress: Demonology, Destruction & Affliction
* Demonology is considered the best spec to use while leveling
* Primary stat is Intellect
* DPS minions: Felguard for Demonology, Imp for Destruction, Felhunter for Affliction
* Tank minion: Voidwalker


* Melee DPS in all talent trees: Assassination, Combat & Subtlety
* Combat is the easiest to level. Then respec for your best weapons
* Primary stat is Agility


* Ranged DPS in all talent trees: Frost, Fire & Arcane
* Frost is considered the easiest to level
* Primary stat is Intellect


* Ranged DPS in Shadow talent tree
* Healer in Discipline or Holy talent trees
* Primary stat is Intellect & Spirit


* Melee DPS in Enhancement talent tree
* Ranged DPS in Elemental talent tree
* Healer in Restoration talent tree
* Primary stat is Agility for Enhancement, Intellect for Elemental or Restoration
* Recognized by Totems, totems, totems


* Melee DPS is Retribution talent tree
* Tank is Protection talent tree
* Healer is Holy talent tree
* Primary stat is Strength for Retribution, Stamina for Protection, Intellect for Holy


* Melee DPS is Feral talent tree (in cat form)
* Ranged DPS is Balance talent tree (in Moonkin form)
* Tank is Feral talent tree ( in bear form)
* Healer is Restoration talent tree (in Tree form)
* Feral is considered easier for leveling
* Primary stat is Agility for Feral, Intellect for Balance or Restoration

Death Knight

* Melee DPS or Tank in any tree: Blood, Frost or Unholy
* Primary stat is Strength for melee dps, Stamina for tank
* DK’s start at level 55. Must have a character on the account at level 55 or higher to create one (does not have to be on that server)

Good profession pairings

* Herbalism/Alchemy
* Mining/Blacksmithing
* Enchanting/Tailoring
* Mining/Engineering
* Skinning/Leatherworking
* Mining/Jewelcrafting
* Herbalism/Inscription
* Skinning/Mining
* Skinning/Herbalism