Daily Journal: May the odds ever be in your favor

So another Darkmoon Faire has come and gone… No Darkmoon Eye, no Moon Moon, no Darkmoon Rabbit. Well, I’ve only caught the Darkmoon Rabbit raid ONCE. I got an add on called Rarity. Tries to tell you if you are Lucky or Unlucky based on number of tries you’ve tried to get a pet or… Continue reading Daily Journal: May the odds ever be in your favor

Daily Journal: I need to gem and enchant

Well Book got her gloves out of normal last night when we got Gen. Nazgrim. Now I’ve got to gem and enchant those. That gets rid of the last of her LFR tier pieces. The helm is still Flex. But hey, guild got 3 new bosses last night on normal on one night. Malkorok on… Continue reading Daily Journal: I need to gem and enchant

Alt Appreciation #WarlockWeek

Continuing with the Alt Appreciation run… This week it’s Warlocks. So to celebrate the purple, I only have one alt to show you. Her original name was Booktoo. She was my third level 80. My third level 85. My fifth level 90. At level 85 I was a little tired of her having the name… Continue reading Alt Appreciation #WarlockWeek

Rogue Week of Alt Appreciation

Ok so I just found the blog’s Alt Apprecation thread going on. I have a confession. Outside of Wow Insider I don’t follow a lot of the World of Warcraft bloggers. Not even rogue ones. And this one is Rogue week. Though I can’t profess Book as an alt. She’s a main. But she’s one… Continue reading Rogue Week of Alt Appreciation

From Feedly: The mount you’ll engi-need in Patch 5.4

Really liking the herbalism uses with this mount. We posted last week briefly about the Sky Golem, the redesigned engineering mount that will allow you to pick flowers as you fly around. And we posted a picture of the Sky Claw, but now, there is video of this mount in all its glory. And guess… Continue reading From Feedly: The mount you’ll engi-need in Patch 5.4

Daily Journal: Patch 5.3 launches & I have to work

Patch 5.3 hits today. I’ve already updated DBM, WIM, Tidy Plates, GTFO, BattlePetCount, CLCDK, WeakAuras, PetJournal Enhanced, Decursive & Symbiosis. Shammybook – Minor Inscription Research learned nothing. Scroll of Wisdom learned Glyph of Hemorrhage.  Got to remember I’m done with Minor research. Hunterbook – Magnificence of Leather learned Ironskin Spaulders. Book – Got roped into… Continue reading Daily Journal: Patch 5.3 launches & I have to work

Done today

Last night: Leveled Booktrey at bit. She’s now at 76. Only 4 more levels for her in Northrend. Slept about 7 hours according to my band. Holybook did Terrace of Endless Spring. Apparently they had wiped on Lei Shi. Got her tanking sword off the Sha of Fear. Book – Finally found a group thanks… Continue reading Done today

OMG I’m not Neutral!

Note that upon joining a different guild, your Guild reputation is knocked down a level – if you had reached Exalted with your previous Guild, you will drop to Revered with your new Guild. via Guild reputation – Wowpedia – Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft. Didn’t realize this. So I was excited… Continue reading OMG I’m not Neutral!

Missing Macros Found

My friend found my macros cached on his computer! So I now have my Macros back 😀 I’ll share a few rogue ones… Plus if I loose them again they are here. Triple click to highlight and copy. 1. Fan of Knives. Since I spam this as my AoE combo point builder it’s nice to… Continue reading Missing Macros Found