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WoW Fashionista: Tier 16

I ran late with the Tier 15 fashionista review. But this one shall be semi-sorta on time! First off the Layout of the images I took from WoWHead’s model viewer The Left one is Raid Finder mode. The middle image will be the model used by both Flex Raid mode and Normal mode. The right image will be what you will see from a Heroic raider.

Tier 16 Death Knight – Battleplate of Cyclopen Dread/Plate of Cyclopen Dread
The Cyclopes imagery was an interesting chose to go with this class of death, decay and infestation. Overall I like the look but it doesn’t scream “Death Knight” to me. Instead I kinda feel like “generic plate class.” My DK has hit 90, but I haven’t started gearing her. The helm has the skeleton key slot that seems to be in several different tier pieces this Tier.
Tier 16 Druid – Armor of the Shattered Vale/Regalia of the Shattered Vale/Battlegear of the Shattered Vale/Vestments of the Shattered Vale
I MUST find a Flex raid or normal for my druid this tier. I’m dearly wanting this tier for her. I may have to go to to see if I can find her groups. Most druid tiers leave me unimpressed, but this one I’m in love with. I’m less impressed with the LFR version. There heroic version is kinda my middle of the two.
Tier 16 Hunter – Battlegear of the Unblinking Vigil
As with most hunter gear I haven’t had strong feelings with this set. It’s still missing shoulders in these images so that could possibly make or break this set for me. The helm is interesting, but I would hide it. My hunter is level 89 and I’ve been unexcited about most of the MoP sets. Hunters seem to have the key upside down in the chest in this set.
Tier 16 Mage – Chronomancer Regalia
Here I’m really enjoying the Heroic mode style with the gold. Followed by the simple silver and blue of the LFR version. The key is upside down in their belt.
Tier 16 Monk – Armor of the Seven Sacred Seals/Battlegear of the Seven Sacred Seals/Vestments of the Seven Sacred Seals
I’m in love!!! The hard part is picking a color. I’ve been wanting to put monks in a dress since the start of MoP. I am leveling my monk solely to get this set. If I had to pick I THINK the white is my favorite, but I also adore the Blue & Red. The key seems to be both on chest & the belt. (and what may be my chances to get this as transmog for my rogue???)
Tier 16 Paladin – Battlegear of Winged Triump/Plate of Winged Triumph/Vestments of Winged Triumph
Again I need to find a Flex raid for my Paladin. With this many alts I’m going to have to start forming my own raid to cover them all. It’s a very close call for the LFR version vs. the Flex/Normal version. And the Heroic looks really good too. Helm will be hidden however.
Tier 16 Priest – Vestments of Ternion Glory/Regalia of Ternion Glory
I LOVE the heroic version. Though I’m less fond of the shoulders. However I doubt my priestess will see this set before the next expansion. The key is in the belt here.
Tier 16 Rogue – Barbed Assassin Battlegear
This is my favorite recent rogue set. The helm is even something I might show! I’m so happy for my main. I like the gold one in the middle the best & any heroic gear I end up with will probably end up transmogrified back to the normal/flex pieces.
Tier 16 Shaman – Celestial Harmony Battlegear/Celestial Harmony Regalia/Celestial Harmony Vestment
I really like the flex/normal set here. My shaman is only 87, but I may have to level her to get it. LFR and heroic are pretty sweet as well.
Tier 16 Warlock – Regalia of the Horned Nightmare
I’m usually not a big fan of the Warlock tier and this one is no exception, but I’m kinda surprised at how plain this is compared to the other tiers. My lock may pick up the LFR in her spare time.
Tier 16 Warrior – Battleplate of the Prehistoric Marauder/Plate of the Prehistoric Marauder
I’ve loved the warrior set this expansion except for this one. My warrior’s only level 53 and may stay there. Though I find the Paw like feet on the boots quite interesting. The belt again seems to be a key.

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Daily Journal: Watched a movie

Byword (iPad)
Byword (iPad) (Photo credit: Frank Hamm)

So.. 4 times last week and twice so far this week. Tempest Keep hasn’t dropped a single pet. Starting to doubt I’ll see one. Wowhead is having issues so I can’t check other’s drop rates. I need to start hunting for an Unborn Val’kyr I’ve got a spare Undead stone to upgrade it once I catch one so it can even be poor and I’d take it. I just have to find the blasted thing.

Been trying to get Byword to publish to my blog. I’ve purchased the Premium edition, set up Evernote & WordPress, but it still fails at publishing. I’ve emailed support. I’ve tried re setting up the blog/evernote accounts to no avail. Oh well, we’ll see.

Went to see Star Trek Into Darkness. Loved it. Didn’t love the migraine & nausea after though. Had to drug myself to get rid of it. Which has made me very sleepy today.

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Gearing up Book in 4.3

The other rogues made fun of my dress until they decided it could hide more sharp pointy objectsProfiles: Armory :: Ask Mr Robot :: WoWhead :: Shadowcraft

The listed is all items she aspires to that are better than current gear. The weights are relative + from Ask Mr Robot.


  1. Razor Saronite Chip – Morchok Heroic+69
  2. Windslicer Boomerang – 700 VP +80
  3. Razor Saronite Chip – Morchok +55
  4. Morningstar Shard – FL Heroic +26


  1. Blackfang Battleweave Helmet – Warmaster Blackhorn Heroic +258
  2. Blackfang Battleweave Helment – Warmaster Blackhorn +226


  1. Underdweller’s Spaulders – Morchok Heroic +208
  2. Blackfang Battleweave Spaulders – Hagara the Stormbinder Heroic +106


  1. Dreadfire Drape – Lord Rhyolith Heroic +38
  2. Batwing Cloak – 1250 VP +57


  1. Blackfang Battleweave Tunic – Ultraxion Heroic +268
  2. Blackfang Battleweave Tunic – Ultraxion +370
  3. Shadowbinder Chestguard – 2200 VP +200
  4. Dark Phoenix Tunic – Alysrazor Heroic +187
  5. Breastplate of the Incendiary Soul – Baleroc Heroic +123
  6. Blackfang Battleweave Tunic – Ultraxion LFR +57


  1. Shadow Wing Armbands – Warmaster Blackhorn Heroic +38
  2. Bladeshadow Wristguards – crafted +154
  3. Shadow Wing Armbands – Warmaster Blackhorn +32


  1. Blackfang Battleweave Gloves – Warlord Zon’ozz Heroic +195


  1. Belt of Flayed Skin – Warlord Zon’ozz Heroic +148
  2. Belt of Hidden Keys – 1650 VP +266
  3. Belt of Flayed Skin – Warlord Zon’ozz +222
  4. Nightblind Cinch – Dragon Soul World Drop +143


  1. Blackfang Battleweave Legguards – Yor’sahj Heroic +257
  2. Bladeshadow Leggings – crafted +285
  3. Blackfang Battleweave Legguards – Yor’sahj +239


  1. Molten Blood Footpads – Spine of Deathwing Heroic +288
  2. Interrogator’s Bloody Footpads – Yor’sahj Heroic +245
  3. Molten Blood Footpads – Spine of Deathwing +86
  4. Interrogator’s Bloody Footpads – Yor’sahj +52


  1. Seal of Primordial Shadow – Boss Random Drop Heroic +169
  2. Signet of Grasping Mouths – Hagara Heroic +121
  3. Emergency Descent Loop – 1250 VP +61
  4. Seal of Primordial Shadow – Boss Random Drop +20

Trinkets per Elitist Jerks

  1. Wrath of Unchaining (H. Spine)
  2. Vial of Shadows (H. random boss)
  3. Wrath of Unchaining (Spine)
  4. Starcatcher Compass (H. Blackhorn)
  5. Vial of Shadows
  6. Wrath of Unchaining LFR (Spine)
  7. Matrix Restabilizer (H. Rags)
  8. Starcatcher Compass
  9. Vial of Shadows LFR **HAVE**
  10. Hungerer (H. Domo)
  11. Matrix Restabilizer (Rags)
  12. Starcatcher Compass LFR
  13. Kiroptyric Sigil VP
  14.  doesn’t exist
  15. Hungerer **HAVE**
  16. Arrow of Time
  17. Prestor’s Tailsman of Machination (H. Nefarion)
  18. Essence of the Cyclone (H. Halfus) **HAVE**
  19. Fluid Death JP **HAVE**
  20. Ancient Petrified Seed

Trinkets from Shadowcraft

  1. Wrath of Unchaining
  2. Vial of Shadows (Heroic)
  3. Starcatcher Compass (Heroic)
  4. Kiroptyric Sigil VP
  5. Vial of Shadows
  6. Starcatcher Compass
  7. Matrix Restabilizer (Heroic)
  8. Vial of Shadows LFR **HAVE**
  9. Starcatcher Compass LFR
  10. Matrix Restabilizer
  11. Hungerer (Heroic)
  12. Hungerer
  13. Arrow of Time
  14. Prestor’s Tailsman (Heroic)
  15. Essence of the Cyclone (Heroic)
  16. Ancient Petrified Seed
  17. Wrath of Unchaining LFR
  18. Tia’s Grace
  19. Prestor’s Tailsman
  20. Fluid Death

Trinkets from Mr. Robot

  1. Wrath of Unchaining +823
  2. Wrath of Unchaining LFR + 565
  3. Vial of Shadows +486
  4. Starcatcher Compass +414
  5. Kiroptyric Sigil VP +294
  6. Vial of Shadows LFR +266 **HAVE**
  7. Starcatcher Compass LFR + 202
  8. The Hungerer (H) + 189
  9. Arrow of Time +143
  10. Matrix Restabilizer (H) +125
  11. Fluid Death JP +93
  12. Prestor’s Tailsman of Machination (H) + 30
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Tools of WoW Investigation: Tankspot & Learn2Raid

While I can spout off such things as what is the basic stat you want (ie Agility, Strength, Intellect) for each spec a lot of the “finer” details I have to research. So I thought I’d share some sources I currently use.



My two sites for videos of encounters. This way I can see what is supposed to happen before I go into a fight.

End Time

Well of Eternity

Hour of Twilight

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Tools of WoW Investigation: Ask Mr. Robot

While I can spout off such things as what is the basic stat you want (ie Agility, Strength, Intellect) for each spec a lot of the “finer” details I have to research. So I thought I’d share some sources I currently use.

Ask Mr. Robot

Evaluate gear for sidegrades or min/max stats.

Gear is not ideal for every spec. Surprise! The Breastplate of the Incendiary Soul (stat-ed with haste/mastery secondary) may beat out my Dark Phoenix Tunic (same Agility/Stamina but with Expertise/Crit) for me as assassination, but a subtlety rogue will value thier secondary stats differently & may prefer Expertise/Crit over haste/mastery. (Note: haven’t looked up subtlety stat priorities to actually see what they are). Also one of the problems I was seeing with WoWhead was rating hit items as having a higher value over non hit items even if I was over the hit cap. Hit over the cap is wasted.

I like how Mr Robot has what they call “Absolute” & “Relative” when picking the best in slot gear. Absolute is without taking ANY other gear and/or set bonuses into account. Basically mathmatically saying you’re naked except for item X, what’s it’s value to your role/spec. I also figured out this is how WowHead does its item ranking. But let’s face it, no one’s going to take you anywhere if you only have 1 piece of gear… Well maybe to a naked molten core run, but that’s another story…. So I usually use the Relative function. This looks at set bonuses, if you’re already above the hit cap, etc. It devalues hit over the cap & it may change the ranking of gear based on that.

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Tools of WoW Investigation: WoWHead

While I can spout off such things as what is the basic stat you want (ie Agilty, Strength, Intellect) for each spec a lot of the “finer” details I have to research. So I thought I’d share some sources I currently use.


I use WoWHead as a general min/max gear guide as well as information on where all this gear comes from and it’s drop rates. I use the WoWHead Client to keep all my characters gear up to date. Just log in & go to your characters page, then right-click on the item & pick “find upgrade” from the menu. One complaint though is all items are weighted as if you have no other items on except for that item and does not take into account set bonuses.

The main function of the website is as a database. They collect info such as drop rates for items. Who it drops from and what percentage. Quest information.

I use this site heavily for quest information. In fact I didn’t find add ons such as Tourguide or WoW-Pro until I had 1 or 2 characters at max level. If I couldn’t find anything I’d just check WoWhead & read the comments.

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Gearing Up Book in 4.2

front of corset by busk
Image via Wikipedia

This is kinda my wish list for Book. Although I’m sure it could be helpful reference for an Assassination rogue. I did leave out Tier 11 Heroic modes items. And what does the corset image have to do with anything you ask? Nothing Nothing at all.

Avengers of Hyjal Reputation gear (only in Firelands raid)

Valor Points items (which you can now max out with 7 runs a week through the troll dungeons)
Firelands dalies
Honor Gear
  • Vicious Gladiator’s Shiv – 950 honor while this seems cheap, you can’t purchase it until you’ve earned 7250 honor total this season
Fireland Raid Drops