RobBossMods LFR tips for Mogu’shan Vaults

Here’s the quick tips I wrote to plug into RobBossMods for LFR explanations for Mogu’shan Vaults.

The Stone Guard

Avoid standing in puddles of purple or in circle around Blue crystal. If you’re chained to someone go to them. If tanks are being proper they will be swapping dogs and dps the target of the tank with 2 dogs.

Feng the Accursed

Tanks each pick up 1 of 2 abilities [Shroud of Reversal][Nullification Barrier].
Phase 1: He does an earthquake ability. Interrupt with Shroud of Reversal or use Barrier in another area & get under it.
Phase 2: He will cast [Wildfire Spark] take it away from everyone else, drop it & return.
Phase 3: Healers & Ranged may get [Arcane Resonance], so if you group up for [Arcane Velocity] get out

Gara’jal the Spiritbinder

Tanks: 1 will periodically experience [Banishment] to the spirit realm. Be prepared for this tank swap.
DPS: Periodically there will be a [Spirit Totem]. Click on it to go into the spirit realm & kill adds. If you have the [Voodoo Dolls] debuff then you will not be able to go into the spirit realm. Also with Voodoo Doll use defensive cooldowns to reduce your incoming damage.

The Spirit Kings

4 Kings in a row with ability marked with * retained between the fights after defeated.
Qiang the Merciless: Group on the tanks to split damange. Avoid [Annihilate] & Dodge *[Flanking Orders]*
Subetai the Swift: Move out of [Volley] and *[Pillage]*. Frree your fellow raiders from [Pinning Arrow].
Zian of the Endless Shadow: If you get *[Undying Shadows]* then run the skull following you to the wall. Ranged dps should be killing it. Interrupt [Shadow Blast].
Meng the Demented: Interrupt [Crazy Thought]. During *[Maddening Shout]* AoE your fellow raiders. When the boss has [Cowardice] stop doing more than autoattack because it will reflect damange back to the raid.


Phase1: Main Tank face boss away from raid due to [Celestial Breath]. Off Tank picks up [Celestial Protector] when it spawns & walks it off the platform while dps kills it.
Phase 2: Kill the spawned [Energy Charge]s. If one hits a pillar, the pillar will rise. GET OFF THE PLATFORM when this happens. Kill pillars. Avoid lighting pools. Tank & AoE [Cosmic Spark].
Repeat phase 1 & 2.
Phase 3: [Radiating Energies] will swirl the outer ring, don’t stand here. At this point it’s essentially a dps burn.

Will of the Emperor

This fight is a lot of adds and they have a priority:
[Emperor’s Courage] HIGHEST PRIORITY. Has a shield in front so attack from behind.
[Emperor’s Strength] Medium priority. Does a circle of stun.
[Emperor’s Rage] Lowest priority of adds. Can be slowed, stunned & CC’ed.
Periodiacally [Titan Gas] will go out stopping adds from spawning. Kill remaining adds then go to the boss for dps.
[Jan-xi and Qin-xi] to be tanked near the stairs. They periodically do [Devastating Combo] which needs to be avoided.


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